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Team Member # 7….. Hugh..Brodie

In profile on 06/09/2006 at 8:01 pm

Hugh and close friend Barbara Schöneberger in close face a face…

My position is pretty clear cut – unlike the rest of the others …

A typical brainwash day for me begins with someone’s cry for help: Hugh! What’s a 7 letter word for Scoundrel?”

Scumbag.” NY Times Crosswords aren’t very hard once you get the knack for them. Doubly nice is being able to modestly elaborate with a short history – fyi: since the 1930s scumbag has been a synonym for condom.

Of course there’s a lot more too it. Chess ratings, xtreme arm-wrestling, brownie eating (especially the batter), Sudoku!, fixing clocks, giving decor advice, action movies, the occasional poker match, maybe even some backgammon, Music Lists (my specialty being Xmas Cds of course), ref (chess games can get rowdy), weight lifting, entertaining t-shirt slogans (am especially proud of my city collection! I have one from just about everywhere!), and well giving the loony bin a little bit of sanity with advice & wisdom.

So don’t be shy to come to me whenever there is something ‘different’ that needs some ‘explaining’. Would be more than happy to comply. See you all at brainwash!

team member #6

In profile on 06/07/2006 at 11:56 pm

marisa: sallying like a quixotic knight! a mannequin vision with a plastic face and false eyelashes! in search of a philanthropist! possesses no skills! a terrible speaker, a great sleeper, a hater of romance novels and corporeality! still can’t drive at twenty! walt whitman, walt whitman, walt whitman! runs funny! self-absorbed, usually polite, a perpetual danse macabre! doesn’t wear a wig! spends her money on whisky and whores! walks so fast–whoosh! loves battleships and cemeteries and earnest types! thinks she’s complex! believes in librarians! finds new heroes every day! was most likely a descendent of serfs! too ridiculous to be respected! talks in her sleep, reveals great secrets! despite faults is still considered swell enough by some! rah rah rah! marisa!

Team Member #2

In profile on 06/02/2006 at 10:31 pm
Name – Yasser
Height – in the range of 6 2 or 6 3
Sign – Scorpio (no offense taken from member 3’s post)
Famous for- Bearing uncanny resemblence to a certain piano virtuoso
Fav Books – The unbearable lightness of being (or heaviness thereof)
Fav Movies – Enemy at the gates, Sunsine, Solaris, Lord of War, Casino
Fav Music – Losing my religion by REM

Team member #4

In profile on 06/02/2006 at 6:16 am

Am I allowed to keep this short and simple:

I am small, brunette and the ‘other’ Italian. I love to skate & have been doing so since . I love to watch Desperate Housewives. My purpose in life is to make alot of money and spend it all.

Voila my life’s manifesto.

Birthday:Febuary 20th
Fav Movie: Cutting Edge
Fav Music: Madonna
Fav Food: Chocolate, Chocolate and Chocolate.

Team member #5

In profile on 06/02/2006 at 5:36 am

i spend my time as a full-time student. i plan to stay that way for as long as possible.

i love: coffee, food, music and books. the café suits me just fine.

i don’t love: meat, dirt and intolerance.

if i could… i would make the world a better place. give lots of money to stephen lewis. travel extensively and make mix tapes for a living. watch lots of documentaries and discover a hidden talent for something.

when I grow up… i think that this may be a myth… refer to above.

Team member #3

In profile on 06/02/2006 at 3:49 am

Nessie a.k.a. Da WOP’s Profile

Height: not too tall; not too small ~ translation 5f9” (as you can see clearly from above photo…

Weight: 1 of 3 questions you should never ask a lady (the other 2 are – where did you get that dress & how old are you)

Age: I defer to my weight… (hint: take George Orwell’s popular classic and shave off a couple & you get ME!)

Sign: Libra ~ though its the 22nd which means its the last day. But there is no way I am a Scorpian. (No offence to anyone just my ma is one so its like an issue you see)

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown, though every morning I wake up and wish other wise.

Favorite Outfit: pink maryjanes that always make me happy, black t-shirt, gap jeans ‘classic fit’ and a blazer. No woman should go without a good jacket!

If I could marry anyone who would it be…: hmm Prince William in hopes of becoming Queen (since I would make a bloody great one) and eventually settle for the beautiful Johnny Depp (who is married to another French Woman with the same name! Destiny? A sign…)

Fav book: Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jorben. All my children will bare a name from these characters. I am under the firm belief that his series will replace the Bible not only because its more coherant but because it makes more sense and is just as juicy! Close (too close) second is Alexandre Dumas’ Count of Monte Crisco.

Fav Movie: Dangerous Beauty! No two, ifs, buts about it. Though I really love Dogma.

Fav music: Abba, musicals like Wiked, Miserable, Rent, Miss Saigon, etc., Shania Twain (its the Canadian in me), Celine Dion (I know no one wants to live with me) and Elvis- not to mention the Beatles (duh!)

What I do every morning when I get up: walk to the washroom and start preparing to put on my contacts then realize that I paid over 2000$ CND so that wouldn’t have to do this anymore!

My favorite thing to do at brainwash cafe: talk to customers. count the cash (with handsanitizer close by of course)

…the worst: finding something thats been displaced. I become handicap – truly!

life aspiration: to raise kids in a bookstore with no customers so that I can read to them all day.

other hobbies and interests: writing (journal, fiction, & am now working on a biography), talking, drinking espresso (what is this thing called regular coffee), shoe shopping (just because it doesn’t requirer a changing room), anything Japanese (which is sad because my uncle made a comment the other day and I blew the roof!), dancing-
ya know the usual!