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do we need to know this…

In dr. joe on 12/31/2006 at 4:32 pm

Fraudulent Orange Juice :

Oh great. Just in time for the New Year of wonderful tidings comes this tidbit. OJ Simpson may not be the only bad OJ in town. It seems that fierce competition among the Juice Manufacturers is not engendering lower prices, but fake Orange Juice. nothing sacred.. Midst of confusion and how to differentiate the fake from real, here’s the definitive word on the subject from mcGill’s very own Dr. Joe;

“…The orange juice market is huge. Unfortunately, some processors try to cut corners by extending the juice with sugar, pulp wash and water; But the ruse can be detected by some clever science. Oxygen in nature occurs as two possible isotopes, O-16 and O-18, which differ slightly in mass. The natural abundance of O-18 is only about 0.2%, but it is more abundant in water in growing plants because the heavier isotope is less likely to evaporate. So a juice diluted with water from non-biological sources will have a different isotope distribution and this can be detected by an instrument called a mass spectrometer. The authorities have already used this method to put the squeeze on some OJ fraud artists.” (umm..right. just drop in to our brainwashcafe for your very own mass spectrometer available while quantities last;)

thanks doc 🙂

Joe Schwarcz is the director of McGill University’s Office for Science and Society. He is well known for his entertaining public lectures on topics ranging from the Science of Aging to the Chemistry of Love. He has won numerous awards for education and for interpreting science for the public and is the only non-American to ever be honoured with the American Chemical Society’s prestigious Grady-Stack Award. He enjoys cooking, is a great fan of Sherlock Holmes and has been known to pull a rabbit out of a hat.