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smartest fighter…? Yes, but how to decide the sexiest…

In chess boxing on 06/30/2006 at 12:14 am

Chessboxing on ESPN, Playboy and Maxim. This unusual sport, in which two competitors face each other in 11 alternating rounds, six of chess, five of boxing, is rapidly gaining popularity(huh?). You know that is the case when you see chessboxing on the front page of a leading sports web site, and as a major story in a number of men’s magazines. (we will definitely try to dig this ‘story’ up from Playboy & Maxim.)

A chessboxing bout begins with chess, which is played on a board placed directly in the middle of the ring. Each round of chess lasts four minutes. After each chess round, the bell sounds, and workmen remove the chessboard for a two-minute round of boxing, the gloves go back on, the punching recommences. Participants win by way of knockout, checkmate, referee’s decision, or if his opponent exceeds the allotted total of 12 minutes for an entire match on the chessboard.

Last October the First European Chess Boxing Championship took place in Berlin. Tihomir Dovramadjiev defeated Andreas Schneider of Germany after the latter conceded defeat in the seventh round. Can Olympics be far behind? hmm…