another sign winter has arrived…

In fundraising, mcgill clubs, mcgill issues on 01/20/2008 at 2:25 pm

Sigh.. so you know we would love to do anything for a good cause, but this is a tad little too risqué even for us brainwash gals 😦 Thankfully not everyone feels the same way, as witness this ringing endorsement from a motivated Swim Team member; (granted it does benefit the Swim Team..but still!~)

“..the rousing highlight of the winter: Most definitely stripping on the street to help raise money for the McGill Varsity Swim team. We were all standing on the street in their swimsuits freezing in the streets (temperature? -14degrees! Wow!) They were so stoked when we stripped off our clothes, (all except undies) and started collecting money. People on the street didn’t know what to think but they gave us money. Everyone was shivering but laughing.”

  1. Hey guys, good to see that you are back up and active again. We missed ya.

  2. we missed you too!

  3. Well how original. But how effective a campaign was it? Did it raise anything more than a token sum of say,,few hundred dollars? Just curious.

  4. God, pretty ugly bods for swim team guys. Especially the chick. 😦

  5. Hi Bob!

    I do know that they have been doing this for several years now (at least 5).

    Usually, each swimmer has to pay approx 2500$ for them to compete in the Uni Competition. One year they went to SOuth Africa… Throughout the semester they do several fund raiser type events and spread the “wealth” between themselves. The swimmer comes up with the rest.

    Hope that answers the question… to a degree at least.

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