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what the world needs more of…

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…a little trip down memory lane for some sultry sizzle along with cutting edge retro animation thrown in, still, proof positive that when sparks fly and time stands still, world can be a magical place for a brief while.

run cody run…

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Oh boy, so really we do understand no one out there wants to see a little peewee jock in action, after all greater events are happening around the world (at least in theory) , and even here at amazing McGill, we have the kick ass McGill Redmen Football team, but.. ya need to check out this 8yr old prodigy in action. He shows talent, poise, and most of all mental maturity far beyond his years. Watch for the part near the end after a field long rush touchdown where Cody calmly hands the ball back to the ref and then taps his hips to signal teammate for the twist hip airbump 🙂 No histrionics, overblown celebrations, rubbing the goal in the opposing team’s faces. Ego ridden jocks should take note. Now if only his parents are as centered as the kid…

Cody’s runs

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Deascript: LOS ALAMITOS GRIFFINS, 15-0 NATIONAL CHAMPS, Cody Paul#5 highlight runs/TD’s/plays from the regional championship game vs. Valencia Park and 2 Championship games from the PEE-WEE Pop Warner Super Bowl in Orlando Florida 2006

thanks Commish:))

screw the metaphor…

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Stanislavski would approve…
Bale dines on bugs

‘Batman Begin’s star Christian Bale prepared to eat a bowl of live maggots in new movie ‘Rescue Dawn’ – by dining on bugs. The actor, who is famous for going to extremes for film roles, admits he taught himself to stomach maggots by feasting on cockroaches and grasshoppers.
“I bought exotic things like grasshoppers, cockroaches and all sorts of different bugs. I had bags of them, and I was eating them like potato chips. It wasn’t a huge leap to go on to maggots.” Now you see why we love him. This guy doesn’t just practice method acting, he turns it upside down and kicks it a mile down the road pretty much leaving Pitt,Clooney&Co. breathing dust.

defending the indefensible…

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By the time we reach a certain age, as in old enough to drink and enter the hallowed halls of higher learning we are supposed to know the difference between right and wrong, along with a basic conceptual understanding of what is really important in life and some reasonable empathy for owning up to our mistakes regardless of consequences.
In fact the unfortunate reality is that moral decay, unabashed greed, and blatant selfishness masquerading as an individual right is the order of the day in 2007. As a collective society it seems as if we no longer aspire to amount to Anything. All we are concerned with is the comfort of our bodily wants for the present, fuck the rest. The virtually unanimous vitriolic reaction to Ann Coulter’s admittedly provocative by design comments about the ‘greedy’ media hungry widows of 9/11 is a perfect example. If AC has one glaring fault, aside from incessant use of ‘umm’ during interviews(whats with that Ann), it’s picking on the hapless media hounds too eager to jump on the bash-Ann-Coulter bandwagon frenzy while she laughs all the way to the bank. Here’s a little piece of history, AC addressing the Johns Hopkins crowd with her typical take no prisoners attitude on racial profiling. Enough said.