Free Bubba!

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I hope at one point in your life you are able to reflect and smile at a time when you genuinely tried to change the world for the better. I harbour a fondness for my youthful days of intense and rather obnoxious activism. Perhaps I hit my liberal peak a little young but hell, at least I hit it. One day in grade seven I decided meat was murder, I’d rather be naked than wear fur, and I’d pretentiously explain to all my classmates why I was not going to dissect the foetal pig in biology class. Although my mother more than once claimed my heart was bigger than my brain, she allowed me to enter the world of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA); the largest animal rights organization in the world. My days of proud PETA membership would come to an end four years later with one dinner in Paris. Happily, my guilt for betraying the cause can now be assuaged as I have found the girl who will take up the torch where I left off.

Myranda Hutchinson, a 7-year-old girl from Cincinnati, Ohio, saved Bubba the 8-pound lobster from certain (albeit tasty) death when she won him in a supermarket raffle. With only liberation on her young mind, Myranda was continuously turned away from zoos and aquariums where none was interested in adding Bubba as one of their own. Emancipation came in the form of Mike Brittsan, curator for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Through his connections with Eddie Monat, an educational diver in Bar Harbor, Maine, the saucy crustacean would finally taste the sweetness of freedom. After the $280 Myranda’s parents forked over for Bubba’s plane ride, the one month ordeal of Operation Free Bubba came to an end last Saturday. Before the cynics among you claim the probability of his recapture and reappearance on some restaurant patron’s plate, keep in mind that a lobster the size of Bubba is illegal to catch in Maine. Stay in Maine, Bubba! Stay in Maine!

For all of you moved to join the Lobster Liberation team, start your journey here.

  1. Here’s my little petition; PLease insert LOBSTERS INTO THE BRAINWASHCAFE MENU! I LOVE Lobsters!! So help me god but now you’ve made me HUNGRY. And yes, the Maine lobsters are AMAZING…TO EAT!!! All your fault now where am I gonna find lobsters to eat at 3AM!!!!!!:(

  2. This is a joke right??

  3. Fine dining at Brainwash? You may be on to something…but I would not volunteer to cook the beasts no matter how tasty they are. It’s too morbid.

    And I NEVER joke about lobster liberation. Though I can think of a few things I’d rather do with the $280 than send a lobster cross-continent.

  4. Ok boys and girls, save the friggin lobsters, eat a cow instead.

  5. why not just keep the lobster in a tank at home?

  6. juttl you have such a way with words…but no thanks would still prefer lobster over anything to eat. Well maybe oysters would beat lobster, but not by much. No we cannot have lobster at brainwash because Montreal is not a coastal city and lobster quality will not be at optimum

  7. Its me! Yes, Myranda!!! 😦 why are you being mean about it!!???

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