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Oh, Those Filippina Mothers!!

Miniskirts were all the rage this summer on the streets of downtown Montreal; they were worn by just about everybody, including the girls with the figures you know don’t quite suit the oh-so-short mini. I’m normally not the type that feels comfortable in skimpy outfits but I liked the look of a short skirt enough to buy one of my own, convinced that I would wear it. Trying the skirt on again at home though, I was surprised by how much shorter the skirt looked in my bedroom mirror than it had in the store changing room. Naturally I freaked out and put the skirt back into the shopping bag. So I guess I really wasn’t comfortable wearing a skirt that played peak-a-boo every time I climbed a flight of stairs or bent over to pick something up, even though nowadays it really wouldn’t have been that scandalous.

I have always been too shy to wear revealing clothing; I would always opt for looser fitting numbers or something with more coverage. It also certainly doesn’t help having a mother whose ideas about women, sex and marriage date back to, you’d think, the Victorian era. When my conservative Filippina mother saw my new skirt the look on her face said it all. I knew she thought the skirt was too short, and like a good Filippina daughter I returned the skirt and got a longer one thinking that I would probably get more wear out of the latter anyway.

I’m really only half-Filippina and I’ve lived twenty of my twenty-two years in Montreal, one of, if not, the sexiest city in all of North America. I have friends who like to go out for drinks, who date, have sex, wear sexy outfits, and just about everything else in between. But no matter how large of an influence my surroundings and my friends may have on me, I still have to answer to my mother—a woman with her own set of ideals and hopes for her children. Every now and then I can feel old-school Philippines creeping up and manifesting itself in the form of my over-protective mother. With a father in the army, and nuns as teachers, my mother had a very conservative upbringing, and since marrying my white dad and moving to Canada, she has maintained many of the ideals she developed while living in the motherland.

She’s told us about the many “suitors” she had before meeting my father, but she makes it clear that whenever she went out on any date it was always of the tamest variety. There may be one good night kiss on the first date—if there’s any kissing at all—and especially no sex since this is banned before marriage. In her ideal date scenario, the boy would always pick her up at home and bring her back at the end of the night. It’s bad enough that she makes me feel guilty for staying out late with friends, but now whenever I go out on a date she’d like for me to be escorted to and from home. It’s a nice idea, but guys don’t do that anymore!

Needless to say, my mother’s ideas about dating and sex are outdated, and would probably be laughed at by most people. Every so often I disobey her by either staying out later than she’d like me to, drinking until I make myself sick, or by going camping with a boyfriend. And I can’t begin to imagine what she’d think if I told her about the sex-toy party I went to and how I bought myself a dolphin-shaped vibrator (yes, the Dolfinger!). I have one friend whose Filippina mother cried when she found out she was on the Pill, and my own mother would likely react the same way should she find out her eldest daughter was sexually active. She must know by now that most girls my age aren’t virgins anymore.

I know my mother is only looking out for me, making sure I don’t get into any trouble or ruin my future plans by getting pregnant at a young age. I also know that you don’t have to come from a Filippino family to understand the balancing act I perform between trying to please my mother and trying to do things my way. I have taken to heart a lot of what my mother has told me over the years, even if it wasn’t voluntary. Once in a while, I even stay in on a Friday night. You know…to save money. And if you don’t believe me, just look at my closet-full of knee-length skirts!

  1. Hey I’m not half Filipina, I am all Jewish and let me tell you mothers are SAME EVERYWHERE. You’re lucky you even get to shop on your own!! I have to hide my skirts and ‘saturday night specials’ when mom comes to visit, which basically is whenever she wants. Oh btw, in case you didn’t clue in, I don’t even live at home and I’m still scared shitless of my mom..!!;)

  2. :))) The picture says everything. Wear mini at your own risk!

  3. DOLFINGER?!! you have a name for your vibrator and you are shy to tell you mother about wearing a mini skirt? LOL

  4. Hey mizzz O!
    I can only relate too well to this. Maybe one day, we’ll both just wear short skirts, do lots of drugs, and hook up with all the guys (and girls) we lust for. OR we could just, you know, go bowling… i love it!

  5. Well, any discussions between parent and progeny about birds and bees are emotionally cataclysmic at best, probably more so for the parent than progeny, if simply for no other reason than concern about long term repercussions, ie., HIV, pregnancy, psychological issues etc… Best is just be frank and lay it out for your mom. Babies grow up and facts of life are not always so comfortable or easy. By the way where is the Dad in all this. I would have thought your father would be more concerned with the ‘mini skirt’ than your mom 🙂

  6. I want what the dog is having!!HEHE

  7. What I would like to know is how is it possible that whenevr a guy even LOOKS at a chick’s ass he gets smacked and here’s a friggin DOG practically shoving his TONGUE right up her behind and nobody’s batting an eye!!

  8. Hey Josh, don’t feel bad.. it’s all in the technique Y’know, nothing gets us girls like soft, moist caress…hmmm. Your hands, like most guys out there are probably clumsy sweaty and…ah well some got it some don’t, and obviously, Spot up there in the pic has got it in spades!:)

  9. Yo, just would like to make an observation. The chick (who is it btw not you Oleth?) in photo has a hot mini alright, but what’s with the grandma cotton undies there huh? MINI and THONG, now THERE’s a thought hot enough to sizzle my bacon any time;)

  10. Hey there Stuart, may be news to you but this ain’t always about you you you.. thongs crammed up our ass cracks isn’t always my idea of a dream day. Now if only you had a 9 inch hard-on crammed up YOUR THONG, I might reconsider..

  11. Oh Juutl, give it a rest will you? Not everything has to be about your dick ok? We know all about how amazing and huge your ‘equipment’ apparently is, but this is called BRAINwashcafe blog get it? not dickwashcafe.

  12. Hi Oletha,
    I definitely can relate how you feel about your overprotective mom. Well I have one too. And she is also Filipina. I am a pure blooded Filipina.
    My mom even freaked out when I told her I have a boyfriend already. But lucky me my mom allows me to wear short skirts except in going to the church. haha.
    I think our moms are just protecting us from all those things that are not good for us.

  13. And I always thought that dads were the strict ones.

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