be Afraid, BE VERY AFRAID…

In nessiepicks on 07/23/2006 at 2:03 am

BEWARE BLOGGER! Posted by Picasa

  1. Nice post. did this happen for real? In my personal opinion every body has the right to blog whatever they want. its none of her firm’s buisness what she blogs.
    wish her all the best with the law suite.
    hope her firm gets scewed.

  2. Yes this is true. GOt it from the local newspaper the same day and had to share it with you guys.

    I made the image 200% larger in photoshop but when I saved it in Gif, JPEG and TIFF format, they wouldn’t display the change just reduce the percantage. Anyone have any advice on how I can help with that???

  3. The image is actually fine for reading. Internet Explorer has a terrible habit of resizing the image to fit in the browser.
    Easiest way is to click on the image and when it is displayed, right click and save the image. Read it at your own leasure and ofcourse, your own size.
    Hope this helps.

  4. thanks for the heads up tony.

    I have the original in hand so am all good. Just want to make sure I dont give y’all premature wrinkles.

  5. this kind of thing has already been litigated in the US–blogging can be very risky. there was a NYTimes article recently on prospective employers searching people’s MySpace profiles and rejecting some applicants because of things they’d written or done…

  6. I doubt that I will ever be fired by my boss for blogging about him… But yeah as long she never mentioned the company by name or gave identifiers…and a picture can come from ANYWHERE…. The case should be closed, unless of course it is a publicity stunt for the company (which is possible)

  7. yeah … well … who needed THAT job anyway …

    i figure this … if you are afraid of who you are because you think you will get fired for being THAT person … you don’t need to work for whoever it is you work for, they did you a HUGE favor … even if you didn’t have the self-worth to quit a job that would fire you for expressing yourself …

    now then, if you were passing inside trading tips, you would probably get fired, but then land a plum job at one of the industry rags … even if you do have to write it from a federal prison …. at least your golf game can improve too … and look at the networking opportunities!

    peace & harmony,
    ‘freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!’

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