The Spears-Federline phenomena explained…

In bblonde, spears-federline phenomena on 07/20/2006 at 2:25 pm

While we are on the topic of bright iQ’s it should be remembered that more often than we think, smartest of brains are fooled by simplest of deceptions and betrayed by that which should be our most trusted agent, ourvery own eyes… no more elegant demonstration of this than the infamous table illusion revisted, (and properly renamed… 😉

It first gained notoriety because at a recent science symposium (that’s a gathering of brainiacs with egos to match elevated iQ for all youse innocents) severe tempers flared upon ‘presentation’ of this illusion by the moderator and an illustrious audience member had to be physically restrained because of his assertion on the impossibility of the two tables being identical, and his insistence on coming onstage to show umbrage at the ‘stupidity’ of the presenter.

The eye sees familiar 3d objects (tables) on a 2-dimensional medium (paper) but insists on trasmitting neurological signals that convinces the brain of the viability and certitude of the ‘target’ objects in question being 3-dimensional. Therefore brains ‘sees’ two very different
tables when in fact of course, they are exactly identical. Unique feature of this is that unlike many so called illusions which depend on angle of perspective viewed and our ignorance of it being an illusion, in this case our brain persists in telling us the tables are different even after the brain ‘understands’ that the tables are equal in every respect.

Simply put, psychological experiments demonstrate time and time again that a rational smart ‘brain’ still exhibit a taste for consistency. Our brains are inclined to interpret new evidence in ways that confirm their pre-existing beliefs. Brains also tend to influence our beliefs to enhance the desirability of our past actions. ie. We see what we believe.That may go a long way as to why and how to explain puzzlingly bad strategic decisions in political campaigns and investments, not to mention our choice of lifemates. (which of course would explain the Britney Spears Kevin Federline coupling 😉

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  3. WHere do you find this stuff? 🙂

  4. Lol, if this mysterious anomymous guy is right, then I’m a terrorist as well 😀 Bulgaria should be wiped out immediately :)))))

    I’ve just opened this blog and I saw some interesting postings…well, as soon as I’ve got the time I’ll be a more active reader 🙂

  5. That also would explain why I keep coming back to this ridiculous blog!

  6. Yes, that ice sculpture was a part of winterlude festival.

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  8. Actually, here is the complete explanation of the Spears-Federline phenomena:

    The real misconception is that Britney Spears is too good for Kevin Federline, when in fact they are a perfectly matched set of white trash hillbillies.

    Take the long skinny table on the left, that is Britney Spears when she’s home in North Carolina (or wherever the hell she’s from), chuggin’ Budweiser and burping the alphabet. Now, let Hollywood and a good PR guy get ahold of Britney and *POOF*, we see Britney as the table on the right, pretty, wonderful, talented, classy Britney.

    I have photographic evidence of Britany Spear: White Trash. See?

  9. We must have met before. I’m certain the beer can picture is really my boyfriend’s place.:)

  10. Wow! Many of the people around me think that the beer pick is a work of art. Than I send them to read the story… 🙂

  11. I’m actually hooked on illusions – cant get enuf of them! This post was rather entertaining….then again, reading the comments to this post were just as entertaining!:)

    Gr8 blog ppl. 🙂

  12. I hope Federline falls off the face of the earth

  13. I can’t be the only one who thinks Kevin is much cuter smarter and better singer than Britney?? I would take him in my bed ANY DAY!!

  14. wow really?

    Hmmm, I would love to see an interview with the two rabbits…

    ay links people?

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