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warning: STD in cubicle #17

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The above post, originally entitled “separating-the-personal-and-the-professional-at-work” and originally written by Mr. Angry Aussie, has been removed and deleted due to intrinsic lack of interest and complete absence of humour. Thank you.

SuperMan Gay? Yeah, RIGHT!

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I mean really- who could resist THAT???

Is Superman gay? Who cares!
It’s like Anderson Cooper. So what the dude has been seeing an Italian all these years – just seeing what he wears each night on 360CNN is worth it.

But we digress…WARNING *SPOILER* AHEAD!!

Basics: Superman JUST LEAVES without goodbye to Lucious Lane (sadly demonstrating a distinctly earthy male malaise) to check out rumors of planet Krypton reduced to microdust. He returns to find (surprise surprise) LooseLane gal latched on to hotshit Richard (who got whacked as light saber-Xman-Pheonix’s-unfortuate-hubby) AND has baggage, a kid (oh fer heavens sake people this is a figure of speech so stop the asnine comments I do NOT hate kids, just ones with pretentious names like Shiloh). OF COURSE big coincidence SexxyLexxy Luther just happens to get out of jail at about same time and decides, naturally, to build a mere CONTINENT of his own (hey i didn’t write the script), flooding the world, killing billions, and selling new..drumroll land. Better than it sounds trust me. The genius part is he makes land from two crystals – some from the Fortress of Solitude ( place where Sup’Man goes to talk to Pops) & good ol’ Kryptonite. i.e. a place that our hero would avoid if he had the real smarts, but then again what kinda bland movie would that make duh.
Worst Part: Luther’s scheme is really cool except WHERE’S THE ACTION!??!!. Granted tons of awesome flyin’tights scenes but conflict scenes between two nemesis draaaaagged oooon a liiiiiittle. Probably because it calls for more talking and less muscle (zzzz) Oh. and LL is such a bitch to CK. Get with the times LooseLane: nerds are cool!

Best Part: Well, just EYE-BALLING Sup’Man was easily worth the dozen loonies. I mean we are talking serious bod here. Also, the acting -true and consistent with Reeves portrayal, we do feel the continuity here. As expected CGI gets A+ and doesn’t overpower at all. Singer clearly loves this project and knew how to balance plot, character, and Fx. His interweaving of fantasy reality dichotomy is superb. Director deserving of ‘superman’ label in his own right. Oh, and the Fortress of Solitude. Singer used Brando’s original image. Very cool.

Favorite part: *SPOILER!!*when Superman repeats his own fathers words to his own son. LooseLane turned out to have done the naughty (who wouldn’t!) with SM and now Rich thinks its his son… blabla. Very touching and I shed a few. My neighbor was mocking him (I finally told the guy to please be quiet but he was laughing so hard, the numbbrain). My favorite part because he has no real family. Poor thing…

So its a ****/5

and thats not just cause I have this secret crush on the hot dude (well obviously not secret now duh!!)

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smartest fighter…? Yes, but how to decide the sexiest…

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Chessboxing on ESPN, Playboy and Maxim. This unusual sport, in which two competitors face each other in 11 alternating rounds, six of chess, five of boxing, is rapidly gaining popularity(huh?). You know that is the case when you see chessboxing on the front page of a leading sports web site, and as a major story in a number of men’s magazines. (we will definitely try to dig this ‘story’ up from Playboy & Maxim.)

A chessboxing bout begins with chess, which is played on a board placed directly in the middle of the ring. Each round of chess lasts four minutes. After each chess round, the bell sounds, and workmen remove the chessboard for a two-minute round of boxing, the gloves go back on, the punching recommences. Participants win by way of knockout, checkmate, referee’s decision, or if his opponent exceeds the allotted total of 12 minutes for an entire match on the chessboard.

Last October the First European Chess Boxing Championship took place in Berlin. Tihomir Dovramadjiev defeated Andreas Schneider of Germany after the latter conceded defeat in the seventh round. Can Olympics be far behind? hmm…

Only in CHINA…

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Ringing to Death

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The office phone rings.

Receptionist, Diane, answers in a very friendly voice (VFV): Mercutio Mutual Funds, Bonjour!

Robert in a very friendly voice: Hi there Diane! It’s Robert from Mercutio Mutual Funds in Calgary. How are you doing today?

Diane in a (VFV), blocking her ear with the finger due to loud voices in the office and sorting through 50 different piles on her desk: I am great Robert! Having a great day thanks! And yourself?

Robert in an (VFV) : Well my wife died and I’ve had three burnouts …but besides that things are great!!

Diane in VFV: Excellent! Glad things are super on your end. Tell me,Bob, what can I do for you?

Robert: Well Diane, I wanted to order baseball caps for some of my clients and I thought perhaps you would know how I could go about doing that.

Diane (VFV): Sure Bob, let me look …oh…please hold. I’ll be right back. Another line is ringing.

Diane in an very friendly voice (VFV): Mercutio Mutual Funds, Bonjour!

Bernie (Diane’s boss): Hi Diane, its Bernie. How are you doing today?

Diane: Super thanks! How can I be of service to you Bern?

Bernie: Well you can start by asking me how I’m doing? (chuckling) We are in sales after all.

Diane: Oh sorry about that Bern, (while signing for a package from the delivery man) How are you doing today?

Bernie (suddenly authoritarian and aggressive): Say it like you mean it. We don’t need mice in this company.

Diane (hefty and very very friendly voice): HOW ARE YOU BERNIE!!!!????

Bernie: Grrreat Diane!

Diane: I’m sorry I’ll have to put you on hold – I have another line – One moment please -(picks up third line) Mercutio Mutual Funds, Bonjour!

Betty: Hi Diane! Its Betty? How are you doing today?

Diane: Fantastic Betty! How can I help you today!

Betty: Well, I know this is short notice but I really need 100 marketing kits for tomorrow. I know your busy but I would really appreciate it. I have a few golf games this week and some meetings.

Diane (beads of sweat running down her forehead): Sure Betty! It would be my pleasure!!

Line 1 & 2 are ringing for the people on hold as the fourth line begins to ring.

Diane (VFV): Mercutio Mutual Funds, Bonjour!

Client: Good afternoon, Can I please speak to Brent?

Diane: May I ask who is calling please.

Client: Justin from Berklin Investments

Diane: Certainly, one moment please!

Diane transfers call to Brent: Hi Brent – Can you please take line 4. It is Justin from Berklin Investments.

Brent: Justin who?

Diane: I’m sorry Brent. I did not get his last name.

Brent: Next time around could you get the last name please.

Diane: Sure thing Brent!

Line 5 begins to ring as Diane runs to closest window and jumps out.

Only in America…

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overheard in NY

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Looks Like Someone Gets Around

Man on cell: I would fucking marry the girl, if it wasn’t for every time I went down on her she tasted like hummus.

–3rd Ave. & 11th St.

"Yes mom… I get plenty of fresh air."

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And you thought YOU were a serious gamer…

Is it a treatment regime for agoraphobics? Or maybe the latest invention for muggers? Wrong! It’s a PSP face scarf.Joe Malia, a student at the Royal College of Art in London, created a series of face scarves with special attachments that, at least in the above example, “lets PSP players explore their passion in complete privacy“. (hmm.. sounds pretty serious to us.)

FIFA meets..D&G?!

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Soccer Perfection… literally.

The FIFA World Cup is definitely a beautiful soccer championship to watch. Whose watching soccer when there are these hot Italian men?
What do you expect from a country that has the best food, fashion and cars? It’s only normal the Italian soccer team is the best looking and best dressed.
Mamma mia! god forbid they don’t look their best. Their mothers will definitely come after them with the wooden spoon if they saw a lock out of place. So for insurance the team has Dolce & Gabbana designing their suits. Good looks can definitely intimidate the opposing team. There must be some kind of check list to follow in order to be looking so perfect…
Italy’s soccer check list before going on the field must be- When looking in the mirror:
1- Does my hair look perfect? Check
2- Is my head band placed perfectly? Check
3- Does my D&G designer suit look perfect on me? Check
4- Are my knee socks perfectly alligned? Check
5- Are my shoes shined? Check
6- Do I have my water bottle…just in case my hair needs the wet look? Check
It has been said that Italians play with style. They all seem to be modeling on field like as if it’s some sort of fashion shoot. Some say that they seem to pose for pictures before scoring a goal. Others say, before they score, they make sure that they look perfect from head to toe. Maybe this makes them score goals easier or perhaps it’s to be prepared for the photographers once they score. Who knows…Italy has won the world cup soccer championships in 1934, 1938 and 1982.
Do they have the looks to win this year? Let’s hope that they won’t be too busy fixing their hair…Just keep in mind, if they don’t win the game was fixed!

Italy’s soccer team has a check on my fashion perfection list! Who can blame me… clothes, no clothes – these guys will always be fashion gurus 😉

Pope Opposes Harry Potter Novels – Signed Letters from Cardinal Ratzinger

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English translations of the two letters by Cardinal Ratzinger follow:

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger Vatican CityMarch 7, 2003

Esteemed and dear Ms. Kuby!
Many thanks for your kind letter of February 20th and the informative book which you sent me in the same mail. It is good, that you enlighten people about Harry Potter, because those are subtle seductions, which act unnoticed and by this deeply distort Christianity in the soul, before it can grow properly.I would like to suggest that you write to Mr. Peter Fleetwood, (Pontifical Council of Culture, Piazza S. Calisto 16, I00153 Rome) directly and to send him your book.
Sincere Greetings and Blessings,+ Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

Joseph Cardinal RatzingerVatican CityMay 27, 2003

Esteemed and dear Ms. Kuby,Somehow your letter got buried in the large pile of name-day, birthday and Easter mail. Finally this pile is taken care of, so that I can gladly allow you to refer to my judgment about Harry Potter.Sincere
Greetings and Blessings,+ Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

The most prominent Potter critic in North America, Catholic novelist and painter Michael O’Brien commented to on the “judgement” of now-Pope Benedict saying, “This discernment on the part of Benedict XVI reveals the Holy Father’s depth and wide ranging gifts of spiritual discernment.” O’Brien, author of a book dealing with fantasy literature for children added, “it is consistent with many of the statements he’s been making since his election to the Chair of Peter, indeed for the past 20 years – a probing accurate read of the massing spiritual warfare that is moving to a new level of struggle in western civilization. He is a man in whom a prodigious intellect is integrated with great spiritual gifts. He is the father of the universal church and we would do well to listen to him.”

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Like cats having sex

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The Rapex rape prevention device has been delayed until late this year. As you may remember, the gadget goes inside of a woman and clamps down on a rapist’s penis to force him into getting medical attention, which in turn will alert the authorities that he is a rapist (or the victim of a horrible practical joke).
The project has been greeted with enthusiasm as well as scepticism. One of those critical of the device is Charlene Smith, a rape survivor, journalist and activist on women’s issues. She says she believes the device will increase the risk of victims being killed.

Perhaps they’re using the extra time to perfect the device so that accidental clampage when a woman forgets to remove it won’t cause undue pain to some poor husband. Either that, or they’re adding more spikes.

This article brought up the thought of cats reproducing, but reversed. The male cat’s penis has spines which point backwards. Upon withdrawal of the penis, the spines rake the walls of the female’s vagina. Of course, in cats, it’s natural and necessary for ovulation. Nevertheless, guys now know what goes through a woman’s mind when thinking of cats having sex.

Only In INDIA….

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Romance With The Fat & Ugly

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It was literally forced upon me.

I bought SAVING GRACE in high school.

As I walked the aisles of the trashy romance section, I got all these evil looks from fat, ugly chicks. Doesnt mean Im a skinny model but christ! nothing that bad. Plus I was about 20 years younger. The fattest and ugliest of them all came up to me: “Have you read any Woodiwiss?”. “Are you kidding me! What havent I read by her? She is like…” Suddenly, (my loud voice has a habit of carrying easily) there was a crowd! The very hens that hated my guts for being a illegal alien were clucking like mama hens. They almost fainted when they found out I never read Garwood (I know the shame and horror!). I am forever greatful. And thats how I ended up picking up my #9.

Da Biz: It’s 1206, Evil King John is forcing Lady Johanna to marry again even though her last husband not only beat the shit out of her but would fuck so many other women… lets just say she had just cause for it. Her bro, who is super hot!!, butts in and marries her to this giant beef guy. Jo agrees when she finds out the warriors name is Gabriel like the angel. After lots of blood, violence, sex, and rescue misions they both live (kinda) happily ever after. Best Part: no joke, like I laugh the entire way through. Here’s an exerpt: End of Chap6: ‘Lord, Jo was happyy. Aye, she’d done the right thing. She’d married a good-hearted man.’ First Line of Chap7: ”Twas the truth she was married to a gargoyle.’ + saving the wolfhound and performing surgery, inventing the game of golf, Jo telling Gab that he should seek out other women, the entire wedding ceremony! (hahaha it is SO funny guys),… it goes on for a while.

Worst Part: she was not as accurate with her Scots accent in this one though overall Garwood is known for that. & the love scenes are all bunched together BORING. Its better when theres one. Trashy Romance Golden Rule ~ love scene every 123 pages (Duh!)

User Friendly to: mama hens as mentioned above, anyone who want sto laugh till they cry, going on a trip and want something light to read. WAY better then Shopaholic (and I love Kinsella!) Garwoods Scotland books are WAY better than her British story lines. If your looking to read more, stick with that vein gals. (ex: The Wedding, The Secret)

Warning: I read this book about twice a year and I cant go to sleep or do anything else once I pick it up.

Cool Fact: Unlike other Romance Writers Garwood isnt scary looking and she has as much of a public presence as Nora Roberts does (and thats a lot) you can always catch her online updating her website. Click the link to send her some juice! Posted by Picasa

Post Caption Contest…..#64

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“..Lee regretted the fact that he had forgotten to pick up his new eyeglass prescription before the tournament.”

Post your caption in the comments and best one wins our justly infamous BWBurger on the house! (click FOOD on left sidebar) .

Only In Mexico…

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my first RedLight Article

Here’s all the dirt on My very first…

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they say you never forget the first one… It’s so true.

do you all remember the first book you ever read?

(well now what were you expecting from a lifelong bibliophile?!)
not only was G.C. Warner’s Boxcar Children my very first, its definitely in my top 10.

The Sum Up: 4 sibs run away from the orphange because they’re about to be adopted seperatly. lucky for them, a boxcar just happens to be in forest, empty, clean and resourceful. after a few weeks in the boxcar they are discovered by their richass granddad who brings the boxcar home with them where they get to play in the backyard .

Favorite Part: i’ve had ‘boxcar’ on the top of my xmas list since grade two. these guys make a swimming pool, scavage for the coolest stuff in a near by dump AND end up adopting a lost soul for themselves – a doggy!!!

Worst Part: When they leave the boxcar & when Violet gets sick – pretty harsh.

Perfect Read: for anyone starting out, looking for something that suprisingly amazing and portable.

Warning: no sex or drugs in this one guys BUT its very very dfficult to get a copy of. Its been in print since forever (1942)

Cool Fact: there is a BoxCar Children’s Museum. Where have I been?!?

Tell me what you think…

the 50 Books they FORGOT to tell you to read…

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Count of Monte Cristo:
this is one tale that readers from the East have really taken into their hearts. They love and empathise with this piece on revenge, betrayal and bloodshed, not to mention plot twists and pirates. So many foreign films, graphic novels, etc. have been devoted to these intence subjects. Read it.

Candide: Can’t understand how Marquez could get the credit for fantastic realism when Voltaire did it before and soooo much better. Short, sweet and severe – this tale is great for storytelling aloud. Mnay characters in the book die and comes back to life a good two times each. Don’t miss it.

Poisenwood Bible: One of the books that changed my life just because it proves so eloquently the danger of NOT reading, of seeing life only through your own eyes forever. Its like being in prison with the same song over and over playing in the background for the rest of your life. PWB is about 4 daughters and their mother whisked away to the Congo to spread the ‘Good News’ only to find that it is they who will learn the greatest lesson of all.

Rape of the Lock: Basically my mother if she were alive 400 years ago! This satiric epic poem seems to have gotten lost in the current of all that ‘junk poetry’. Wittingly describing the torturous etiquette of vanity, you’ll be rolling in laughter at the war analogies the Pope uses to describe the vanity table and card games in which our lovely protagonist indulges in on a daily basis.

Faust: It’s amazing the number of people who haven’t read this. Hello all you I-only-read-one-book-in-my-life-&-am-proud. THIS is the one book to read because Faust proves your hypothesis (well kinda) as he sets out on his adventure to really learn since books can never provide the profound knowledge of life.

King Lear: My fav of Shakespere and since the love triangle is between a father and his three daughters perhaps its the reason why it’s not in the limelight. Here, it is truly prose and Shakespere’s beauty of words that come out.

Othello: yes another Shakespere and a tragedy at that! But who doesn’t know an Iago of their own? Or a Desdemona? Or an Othello? Who doesn’t see the intricate webs and traps that are laid out before people in their everyday life. You think Bold and the Beautiful is hot? Check this out!

Book of Five Rings: because I am so sick and tired of Sun Tsu’s Art of War being used. The idiot forgot to write that the best enemy is the predictable one and that’s exactly what he has turned all of his readers into – sheep! Miyamoto Musashi on the other hand allows you to discover the source of ingenuity and force within yourself. Not a self help book, this is definity the volume you would carry with you to a desert island.

The Sound of Waves : Mishima’s most poetic and romantic piece. Its about love, the plain, the simple and the complicated. A masterpiece set in feudal Japan that incorporates tradition and mysticism, characteristics which are traditional in this country’s literature.

StarGirl: hahaha! as soon as you read about the porcupine bow-tie on page 3 you’re hooked. How many people do you know would wear one of those?? The characters are unforgetable.

Sophie’s World: an entertaining way to recap your philosophy class. This young girl’s lessons on the ancient philosophers – Hereclitus was always my favorite – will bring you back to the pre-contact lens ages (yes – there was a time they did not exist).

Lord of the Rings: Tolkien invented the concept of application and not direct metaphor. He tried his best to tell people that his intention with his now-superduper-famous trilogy was neither about the Pope or Hitler – it was really about everything. Re-read it again and leave the preconceived notions at the door.

The Dark Materials: yes! another trilogy though more recent. Pullman goes beyond any expectation with this piece; he hits it home. It has unfortunately gotten the false reputation of being a Harry Potter wannabe replacer… Whatever the case may be you won’t forget the lovable characters of Laura and her companion Will. This story really progresses i.e the begining seems rather simple but by the end of the first book your mind is so blown away you cant believe that this is classified under young adults.

I Know this Much is true: Yes, an Oprah selection but Alas! it’s just plain and bloody simply a really great book about identical twin brothers: one schizophrenic and the other ‘normal’ – though we soon realize that’s not quit the case. This book is a mix of sex, drugs, rock and roll, tears from sadness and laughter, and all twisted in craziness! Wonderfully written scandal to say the least.

Pride and Prejudice: this is a lesson for you dudes who say you can’t ‘get chicks.’ The only reason is that you haven’t gotten off your tushies and done something about it! If you become just a third of Mr Darcy the ladies will be lining up at your door. And gals – trust me its wayyyyyyyy better than the movie (though I love it also)

Cicero: It seems that we’ve forgotten the beauty of speaking. You turn the channel on CNN to listen and it all sounds the same (save Anderson Cooper OF COURSE). Cicero reminds us of why there was a Renaissance, and what it means to carry onself well. It can be carried out into all the realms of debate such as

Mirandola’s Oration on the Dignity of Man: if Cierco reminds us of the essence of the Renaissance then Pico does the same for what it means to be a part of mankind. Don’t underestimate the times that this was written in; it’s funny, short and witty .

Everything is Illuminated: Inovative – Safer is daring the publishing industry with his books. Flip through the pages and you will see font changes, unaligned margins, scattered letters and all sorts of dazzling copy-editing screw-ups that just inhances the dude’s adventure in modern Ukraine. Yeah that’s right, the country close to Russia … I think.

The Great Gatsby: no not because I see Robert Redford everytime I pick it up… This is the piece that sums up in less than 200 pages the 20th century and the unfortunate consequence of too much ‘partying’. Though not the perfect beach book it is definitely worthy of a by-the-fireplace-during-Christmas-vacation time.

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightitme: complicated title for a simple story. The narrator we discover is mentally challenged but despite this he is a math genius. This is the story of his mother and father and how they cope with him. Please do yourself a favor and pick it up. Anyone can read this – some books aren’t like that (Great Gatsby being one) – but this one is for everybody.

John Donne’s Complete English Poems: I HATE poetry because lots of people who can’t write will write poetry. But Donne is capable of sending shivers up your spine, you’ll think about him while driving and making love. You might even pull out some lines without meaning to about “the little room that is an everywhere”. No one outdoes Donne. The guy is just too cool.

Short History of Nearly Everything: This book is full of imperfections and generaliztions but like Da Vinci Code and Harry Potter, it is a great stepping stone to a scientific education. Its only been six years since I graduated from Physics and before reading this book, the only thing could I remember was that water boils at 100 degrees. Read it and brush up on knowing how the world works. A great pre-req for Al Gore’s new film Inconvinent Truth.

Ashes in the Wind: Gone with the Wind MOVE OVER. This is the real Civil War romance.

Heart of Darkness: this is not a book for everybody. It took me two reads to fall in love with it but well worth the effort. Many psycho’s wish to ban this piece (along with Twains’s Tom Saywer). Whatever guys. Read the book before you start criticizing. Despite that I was bored with the racist theme after my high school teachers spent 5 years of shoving it down our throats (we didnt touch other equally important issures like feminism, orientalism, holocost etc.) this one was a gem right beside Mocking Bird.

Wide Sargasso Sea: Jane Eyre was a real freckin’ piss off. Feminist novel my ass! Rhys corrects that with her 20th century prequel that covers the story of Mr R’s first wife and how she really goes ‘mad’.

The Outsiders: HELLO PEOPLE!! S.E. Hinton was 16 when she wrote this. I was the same age when I read it. I have read it every year since that first time sometimes twice. More than a classic, it’s a window into what life is really like past the four safe walls you’re living in now. Familiar story of Eastside vs. West the unique characters that make up the gang of hoods will make your heart breack and your sides cramp with laughter.

Solitary Blue: Voight’s best although it can be argued. Beautiful work of a young man and his world which is very 2 dimensional – or so he thinks. A three-dimentional character that rivals even Austen.

Peter Pan: Where do you think super man learned how to fly? Pan’s been around forever and this familar story is always a great ‘dessert’ read.

Picture of Dorion Gray: what a sensual work! this is for everyone who meets Rodin’s Kiss or Picasso’s Dame D’Avignon in their dreams. Wonderful, truly.

Ecce Homo: Nietzche was a smart guy – he recieved an honorary Phd for heaven’s sake. But he becomes a genius in this final piece where he re-traces his written works, their concepts and looks at them with a new critical eye. Redefining what it is to be objective, this is truly a dionysiac experience

The Chocolate War: for the simple reason that it’s so REAL. This is what happens in life when you have to wake up and go to high school with a bunch of others your age, literally locked up in a 2 by 4 room with a dirty ol’man. Really hits home this one does.

Utopia: Because Moore makes you believe for a split second that it really is possible and it really can be done without feelings of dispair or impossibility by the end.

Art of Love: After P&P pick this up ladies and gents. Ovid’s classic greek poem gives advice for all genders, races and sexual orientations. Very good summer time read.

Boxcar children: Hey it was the first, of course we remember our first!

Canterbury Tales: They’re truly hilarious and you learn history at the same time which means that you can sound smart at thaty cocktail party coming soon.

Crucible: This isn’t about Pilgrim America. It’s about Macarthy and BUSH America. Shiver. A harsher wake up call than your local news let me tell you that much. And way better than the movie.

Animal Farm: There’s a reason why there exists a misconception that pigs are the dirtiest animals. Orwell is a genius – read everything by him. Just do it.

Lord of the Flies: Like Cristo, this is one that Asians have caught on to as well. They LOVE this story; the Japanese remade it into Battle Royale book, manga and film duo. Find out where it all started…

Cleopatra: M. George’s biographic fiction is addictive. Warning: though its a thousand pages, you wont sleep till its done. This was her first book. Another great addition is Mary Called Magdalene. Move over Mr Brown – dudes get your facts straight with George who moves to the cities of her subjects and lives there for over 6 years!!!

If this be Man: the name on the book today is Survival in Auschwitz which really angers me. Levi, the Italian Judean, was not trying to victimize himself or even tell the tales of his survival which he knew had already been done by others. Rather he wanted to remind his audiences that no matter who and how many died during WWII, and whoever are the culprits of the events, we all have the capacity to kill, rape, and pillage. One of the best books that will ever exist.

Orientalism: Said’s book created the cultural studies field and his theories on otherness are essential knowledge needed to create a objective perspectives on foreign viewpoints and studies. Also, a good investment, you’ll have to read it eventually believe me.

Discipline and Punish: What consitutes truth? What makes a person an expert or a professional? Foucaoult is examing the institutions that create truth and knowledge and how these organisationss of power(s) are doing so.

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister: It’s time for someone else to tell her story and who better that Cinderella’s own older step sister! Maguire is a true storyteller – able to bring real humor and fun to this tale that still stays true to the Cinderella story we all know so well.

The Shining: Before Jack Nicholson there was a book. And it was a bloody good one too

Turn down 92.5% of horny males? what else is new…

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Joan Roughgarden, a transgendered professor of biology at Stanford University(is it only us or does Stanford gets all the interesting profs?? ed.), has penned a fascinating-sounding book on the evolutionary role of homosexuality called Evolution’s Rainbow. Roughgarden’s theories center on explaining why, if homosexuality is a genetic aberration, it hasn’t been bred out of all species — instead, homosexual coupling is more the norm than the aberration when it comes to most animals. As she says, “a ‘common genetic disease’ is a contradiction in terms, and homosexuality is three to four orders of magnitude more common than true genetic diseases such as Huntington’s disease.”

In some positions, a female macaque will rub her clitoris against her partner’s back, deriving sexual pleasure.
Japanese macaques, an old world primate, illustrate this principle perfectly. Macaque society revolves around females, who form intricate dominance hierarchies within a given group. Males are transient. To help maintain the necessary social networks, female macaques engage in rampant lesbianism. These friendly copulations, which can last up to four days, form the bedrock of macaque society, preventing unnecessary violence and aggression. Females that sleep together will even defend each other from the unwanted advances of male macaques. In fact, behavioral scientist Paul Vasey has found that females will choose to mate with another female, as opposed to a horny male, 92.5% of the time. While this lesbianism probably decreases reproductive success for macaques in the short term, in the long run it is clearly beneficial for the species, since it fosters social stability. “Same-sex sexuality is just another way of maintaining physical intimacy,” Roughgarden says. “It’s like grooming, except we have lots of pleasure neurons in our genitals. When animals exhibit homosexual behavior, they are just using their genitals for a socially significant purpose.”

no wonder we see so many Timmys…

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Unkind Donuts
The title of this post is taken from the fun new crossword puzzle documentary “Wordplay” which I saw on Friday and which features the observation that if you move the first letter of the first word in “Dunkin’ Donuts” to the end of the first word you get Unkind Donuts. The reason for this post is that I woke up sick today–a nasty springtime cold–and on my way to Whole Foods to buy ingredients for chicken soup I stopped into my favorite secret anti-gourmet hideaway, Dunkin’ Donuts, to eat a sacreligious bagel and to read the Sunday Times. Ever since my Atlanta years, when Dunkin’ Donuts was a regular habit (now it’s just a twice a year kind of thing) I always ordered the #3: a bagel and coffee for $2.99. In winter I’d get a regular hot coffee and in summer I’d get an iced coffee. That is until today when this exchange happened.
Me: Can I get a #3 with a sesame bagel toasted with cream cheese and an iced coffee.
Employee: No iced coffee, only regular coffee.
Me: I’m sorry?
Employee: It doesn’t come with an iced coffee. Only a regular coffee.
Me: Do you have ice?
Employee: Yes.
Me: Do you have coffee?
Employee: Yes.
Me: So can you give me a cup of ice and a coffee and I’ll pour the coffee on the ice?
Employee: Ok, but I’ll have to charge you.
And she did charge me. Thirty cents. Unkind Donuts indeed.

(..many thanks to adam for this contribution!)

Brainwash Best Choice Blogs

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Our Editors’ Top Ten Picks.

1st. Lileks, as in James Lileks. “…i grew up in a turquoise rambler in Fargo North Dakota faux stone out front, tailfins in the garage, knotty pine panelling in the basement, and boomerang patterned formica in the kitchen. That pretty much explains it all.” Not really, JamesL is one of the few real voices in the vast webland that deserves a listen. His apparent easygoing folksy tone belies a deeply insightful analytical style, funny and sharp, a journalist’s journalist. No frills here, just a true original mind at work.

2nd. cooking with Amy: How tough is it to find a fresh unjaded food site? Right. But in an astounding short span (relatively speaking) of 3years she has managed to carve out a fiercely loyal fan base who follow her impassioned journey into fascinating world of foodies, her professed adoration of Jacques Pepin, the wonderfully earthy French chef, but most of all, the genuine love of food and its creators, all transmitted with an endearing unpretentious voice. Go and see what the fuss is all about.

3rd. The Book Bitches: here, you can find articles on nearly everything all written with, hmmm… lets say a “unique” style….

4th. Sushi is Not Cool: ‘sushi is not cool’ is not about what you think it is. lifeview under tony’s microscope is more like it. we LOVE sushi and we love Tony. we’re still trying to figure that one out.

5th. Bitter Cup of Joe: we, as being great lovers (and connoisseurs) of coffee and anything coffee-related, just couldn’t resist the featured conversations from a cafe.

6th. Ann Coulter: Arguably America’s most hated woman, blissfully aware of that status and positively luxuriating in maelstorm of vitriol and controversy. The fact that she’s packaged as a rogue conservative intellectual obscures the obvious, that on her worst day she’s roughly a hundred times better looking than Chomsky.

7th. The Utube Blog: the unofficial youtube blog and hands down some of the best analysis concerning the fastest growing phenomena around. catch up or you will be breathing dust.

8th. Gridskipper, the Urban Travel Guide: the most entertaining and informative ride around the world. Posts feature interesting facts and events from vastly diversified categories such as sports, food, contests, etiquette, etc + a pic of the day from a different city.

9th. My Open Wallet: Yes she counts pennies and is unseemly concerned with… well, money. but there is always an undercurrent of self deprecating irreverence. As witness following sampling; “..How charming, a commenter on my Rule #16 post has proposed to me! ‘Will you marry me (If you’re hot)? 🙂 I’m your age with the same net worth, we can let our net worth multiply like horny rabbits! Yes?‘ Sorry, Anonymous. Though I’m EXTREMELY hot, I’m afraid I can’t take you up on your offer of marital and financial bliss. I have just promised myself to a very nice man in Ghana that I met online, who is about to come into a very large sum of money. I’ve already sent him all my bank account details so he could arrange our marriage license at the registry in Accra and have half his inheritance immediately deposited in my name– I know, sounds a bit odd, but they’re so charmingly old-fashioned about the dowry thing in Ghana! He even wanted my Dad’s bank account details so he could send him some money too! So although I’m sure you and your net worth are very nice, Anonymous, it’s really too late for me to back out. Any day now, my hubby-to-be will be emailing me my flight arrangements to come and meet him for the wedding ceremony. In fact I thought I already would have heard from him by now, but I guess they have a lot of internet outages over there in Ghana, you know how it is…”

10th. Poliblogger: One of our fav prof apparently flying below the radar of even his own students, Steven Taylor is wondering when his students will figure him out. Steven is a poli si prof at Troy State in Alabama. A staunch avowed conservative, he has been consistently blogging seriously about anything and everything under the sun and his students have yet to even mention it in class. Once you get past the disconcertingly dark serious interface, it gives a lot more than just mundane news from the wire services. Do yourself a favor and give those grey cells a dose of Taylor prose.

Honorable Mention

1. Book Reviews for Real People

2.Ken And Ariel

3. Monkey’s Deep Thoughts

4. Words for My Enjoyment

three strikes and… good thing russians don’t play baseball…!

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What do maria sharapova, the russian national soccer team and the russian chess olympiad team have in common?

In the opening scene of the 1963 (cold war!) James Bond flick from russia with love (top left corner), the soviet villain kronsteen uncorks nxe5+, forcing his canadian opponent mcadams to resign. bearing in mind the prevailing geopolitical situation (which is not entirely fictional), the terrorist operative declares, “it [my dastardly deed] will be [successful]. i’ve anticipated every possible variation of countermove.” hence prompting bond’s turkish counterpart karim bey to remark, “these russians are great chess players. when they wish to execute a plot, they execute it brilliantly. the game is planned minutely, the gambits of the enemy are provided for.” chess speak indeed. incidentally, the screenshot is based on the brilliant chess game between former world champion boris spassky and one-time heavyweight contender david bronstein, leningrad 1960 (ussr championships). actually, both the board and pieces are set up correctly in the movie (an anomaly, but more on that later)!moving on, to answer the initial question, the tennis pin-up girl Sharapova was just eliminated from the ongoing french open, guus hiddink’s new charges failed to qualify for World Cup germany 2006 and the hot favourites for the recently concluded chess olympiad in turin fizzled out and eventually finished a dismal 6th. ouch triple kill!
Speaking of ouch, i caught the decidely antiseptic da vinci code with josh and miche today and hmm, for some people it undoubtedly propagates some pretty explosive stuff – as did the book. (if you’re interested, the hall in chateau villette where robert langdon, sophie neveu and sir leigh teabing deliberate over their grail quest holds a chess set, unfortunately with the board positioned facing the wrong direction (the bottom left corner should contain a dark not light coloured square) and the pieces set up the wrong way (the white queen should occupy a light not dark coloured square and the black queen vice versa). but of course, no one’s gonna notice right…)so i guess my advice to everyone out there is really to seek the truth and the truth will set you free. it’s true, it’s true. i’m probably saying this because i’ve had the privilege to talk debate with a number of people on the issue of religion over the past couple of days. and i must say that i quite appreciate the intellectual sparring, evangelical opportunities and ultimate refinement of my faith. Luke.

conversations overheard… #64

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hmm…. the new class struggle in action?

Chick: I’m not even gonna try applying for a Gap card; they’ll never
give it to me. I don’t know what it is about Gap; they always know if you have bad credit.

–The Gap, 34th & Broadway

Overheard by: Dianora

The K.A.C.S (kick ass chicks society) club….. Preview

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Mariam Mansur,UAE. Professional Chess Player. 2006 Chess Olympiad, Turin Italy. photo courtesy: pufichek.

KACS membership requisites..
1. must have killer bod/looks/poise
2. must have sharp brain/skill/talent
3. must kick major ass

(for example; Paris Hilton would be disqualified because… 1. no 2. no 3. no) and Carmen Kass is in because..(well see for yourself just type ‘kass’ in ‘search this blog box’ on left!)
Your Nominations welcome, Stay tuned..

Sales Training Part 2

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Lunch time is around the corner. I run into my boss Dan.

Dan: Hey Berry!
Berry: hi Dan. (In a somewhat nervous tone)
Dan: You gonna have lunch?
Berry: Yes, in about 15 min or so.
Dan: What do you have for lunch?
Berry: I made myself a salad with some tuna, tomatoes, olives and I brought along some pita bread.
Dan: (Speaking in a child-like voice) You eat like a little mouse.
Berry: (Grinning uncomfortably – dumbfounded by the stupid remark and mock tone)
Dan: Why don’t you say that again like you’re selling it to me?
Berry: Umm. I am eating a really good salad with some tuna, tomatoes,olives and pita bread.
Dan: Have you ever taken any acting classes?
Berry: No, I haven’t.
Dan: Maybe you should.

Possible comebacks that I thought of.. (sigh).. afterwards:
A) Dan, I think you’re mistaken, mice do not eat tuna.
C) Well Dan, while we’re on the subject of taking classes, aerobics could definitely do wonders for that huge gut hanging over your belt.

Here today….hair tomorrow…?!

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there are no words to describe the crisis – please click and join the forces . you wont believe it till you see it…
for once i’m at a loss for words.

Sales Training Part 1

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Berry: Hi Dan!
Dan: Hey there Berry! How ya doing?
Berry: Pretty good Dan! How about you?
Dan: What do you mean pretty good? I wanna hear you say GREAT! Say it like you mean it!
Berry: I AM GREAT!!
Dan: Excellent! Great! That’s exactly what I want to hear.What can I do for you today Berry?
Berry: Well Dan, as we discussed, I would like to try to sell you the International Ham Fund.
Dan: GREAT! GO! Lets hear it! Your on!
Berry: So do I speak to you as though you’re the client?
Dan: (silence)
Berry: Hello?
Dan: Go ahead Berry!
Berry: Oh. Ok great! Ummm..So yes..we have this great new fund..
Dan: Stop right there! I hear alot of hesitation in your voice.
Berry: Well I just wasn’t sure whether…
Dan: Well in this business you must speak in language of certainty.
Berry:Yes. I guess your right.
Dan: What do you mean YOU GUESS?
Berry: Sorry, I mean your right!
Dan: Continue.
Berry: So this great new fund, which invests in futures and options..
Dan: Hold it!
Berry: Oops.
Dan: Why are you already mentioning the futures and options? Do you know what options are?
Berry: Umm..yes..Well I was reading about the definitions last week. They are rights to buy..
Dan: Wait. Your going too far too fast. We don’t want to get into that. Too complicated. One word for you: Simplicity. Tell me about the benefits of this fund. Tell me how it would be a great addition to my portfolio.The returns have been excellent over 1year, 3years and 5years.
Berry: Well, the international Ham fund would be a great addition to your portfolio. The returns have been excellent over 1year, 3years and 5years.
Dan: GREAT! Now say that again, but like you actually mean it.
Berry: No problem!
Dan: Hold on here! Problem…problem…I see a problem.
Berry: Well actually I said no problem.
Dan: Well there wasn’t a problem before you mentioned there would be. If I say “Don’t kick that cat” what comes to mind…what do you see?
Berry: A cat?
Dan: PRECISELY! You know, Berry, I have been thinking and perhaps you need some more time. I see that you might be having some difficulty with this.
Berry: Well I thought that..
Dan: Call me next week kid and we’ll talk some more. It was GREAT talking to you! Bye buddy!

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

USB teddy bear holds data, scares children

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Generally, when someone makes a teddy bearthemed gadget, his/her intention is to overwhelm bystanders with cuteness. But whoever created this little guy, whose head has to be removed in order to access the internal USB drive, must have watched one too many Tim Burton movies. No word on how much it holds or if there are any plans to make these available for purchase, but with your own bear, a thumb drive, some thread and a closet full of skeletons, you can probably make your own without too much effort. If you’ve kept it, you may also use that cute gift your ex-lover/cheater gave you on Valentine’s day.

conversations overheard # 3

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Sadly, This Isn’t Fiction Either

Woman: Do you have a non-fiction section?
Book guy: Well, everything that’s not fiction is non-fiction. [Over] there’s cooking, and there’s history.
Woman: No, that’s not what I asked. Do you have a section for non-fiction?
Book guy: Well, there are no non-fiction novels. Everything here that’s not a novel is non-fiction.
Woman: But you don’t have a non-fiction section?
Book guy: No. Everything that isn’t fiction is non-fiction.

–Barnes & Noble, Staten Island

Overheard by: Dr. Ballon

well, technically speaking…

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Take, Eat, This is My Body

Conversations overheard #02

Girl #1: My friend Chandra thinks she’s still a virgin because she’s only had anal sex.
Girl #2: How do you know this girl?
Girl #1: She goes to my church.

–New York Public Library, 40th & 5th

Overheard by: Renee Rogers

hmmm… we need reasons?

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Chocolate is rich dark and satisfying
You are never disappointed when you open the wrapper
Chocolate doesn’t care how many you have eaten before
Chocolate always hits the spot
Chocolate doesn’t secretly want to be eaten by your best friend
Chocolate doesn’t think shopping chanel is stupid
Chocolate always smells good
Chocolate won’t ask “Am I the best?” or “How was it?”
It doesn’t sulk if you don’t want it first thing in the morning
Chocolates are easy to pick up
Chocolate satisfies even when soft
You can suck on chocolate in front of Mom
Chocolate never leaves a bad taste in your mouth
Chocolate never minds what time of the month it is
You don’t mind brown stains left by chocolate
With chocolate, size doesn’t matter, it’s always good
Chocolates do not wear white socks
Chocolate doesn’t mind when you crunch the nuts
With chocolate you don’t have to pretend you’ve never eaten one before
“If you love me you’ll swallow that” has real meaning with chocolate
You can have more than one a night without ruining your reputation
Chocolate doesn’t just think it’s smooth
Chocolates aren’t into rope or leather
You can tell just by looking at it, it hasn’t been in anyone else’s mouth
Hard chocolate is easy to find


Great Chocolates are always available.

brainwashcafe: Team Member #8

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Interests: Game Theory, Alfred Nobel, Tae Kwon Do, Film Metaphors, R&R, Deep Sea Diving, Short Visits, Puntuation, Gentle People

Favorite Movies: Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Music: Casta Diva Aria

Favorite Books: Great Gatsby

Corporate Garbage

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This day, I get a phone call from this client. The client tells me that he received a box addressed to him but filled with internal papers and scattered business cards from our company as well as a half empty box of golf balls.
My colleague, Ken, stormed out of the office the moment I informed him of this.
When he came back, he placed the box on his desk.
Ken quickly called his boss, Bob: “Hi Bob, this is Ken, he continued, I have been witness to a very sad and embarrassing display. My client Ted Bogus received a box from our head office in Toronto. This box was filled with garbage.”
Bob the Boss: “Garbage?”
Ken: “Yes Bob. Garbage.”
Bob: “Are you serious? I can’t believe this. Are you telling me your client received garbage from us? “
Ken: “Yes sir. “
Bob: “Unbelievable.”
Ken: “Someone must be responsible for this. On top of it there was a half empty box of golf balls. Someone stole the golf balls.”
Bob: “Stole the golf balls?”
Ken: “Yes! Stole the golf balls.”
Bob the Boss: “Rest assured Ken. Someone in the shipment department will have some serious explaining to do.”
Ken: “Thank you for your time sir.”

Later that day, in the office, Pam gets a call from from Rosanne in the shipping department.

Rosanne: “Hi Pam. Bob has informed us that one of Ken’s clients received a box of garbage. Is this true?”
Pam: “Well…”
Rosanne: “Have you seen the box?”
Pam: “Yes I have. “
Rosanne: “Can you tell me what was inside?”
Pam: “Essentially Rosanne, when I looked inside the box, there was a bunch of internal papers and businesss cards scattered. It did not look very tidy. There was not any garbage per se although at first glance it may have looked garbage-like.”
Rosanne: “What about the stolen golf balls Pam?
Pam: “Actually, there was a box of golf balls, which I think normally contains 4 smaller golf boxes, but in this case there were only three. This kind of gave the appearance that some golf balls were missing.”
Rosanne: “I’ll speak to the rest of the shipping department about this. We’ll get to the bottom of it. Tell Ken, we apologize for the mistake but with regards to the garbage comparison, I think that I’ll have to speak to Bob about that. “
Pam: “Ok”

Too sexy for my body

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Our Editors’ SEXIEST picks

1st. Popoholic: huge selection of news on celebrities updated daily. The Daily Addictions provide a brief overview of the celebs in the media.

2nd. Strumpette: Amanda Chapel honed her impeccable killer instinct skills at Saatchi & Saatchi London, and it shows. Razor sharp design and sexy as hell outlook makes this a standout midst mediocre rubble of ordinary PR hack blogs. How does one argue with lines like these “… Bottom line professionally speaking, I am 5′ 4” tall, athletic, Pantene shoulder-length black hair, perfect perky boobs. I present well and am most accomodating. I’ve slept with clients. I sleep with my boss. I am the consummate PR strumpette. When I was 7 my mother told me I’d “never get anywhere with that mouth.” I’ve apparently dedicated my life in proving her wrong..” Enough said. Go there and feel Sexier just surfing the sleek interface.

3rd. Simply Fred Smith: a blog by a writer with serious and not so serious news from the media world. The Mood tunes are definitely a great idea.

4th. breakfast at Tiffany’s: How to ignore someone who so blatantly hijacks Audrey Hepburn’s signature film and turns it into her very own fashion statement? Here’s a sampler; “…Sienna Miller has always gotten on my nerves. She has one of the most nondescript faces that I’ve ever seen. I doubt I would recognize her unless she was with Jude Law. I also don’t understand how she can be 24-years-old unless she’s done a lot of drugs. It’s normal for actresses to lie about their age, but she looks at least 33 or 34. Though, some of her quotes make her sound like she’s a stupid girl. “I don’t know, monogamy is a weird thing for me. It’s an overrated virtue, because, let’s face it, we’re f–ing animals.” She also said that “Pitt” rhymes with “Shit”. Ouch! Sienna also dreams of being a “working mum” and having her kid on set. Isn’t that cute? The only thing I like about Sienna is the way that she dresses some of the time.

5th. Hollywood Tuna: I dont know if most celebs eat tuna, but you can get the best canned daily tuna at this site (read: the best celebrity news digest from the web).

6th. Perez Hilton: as “the Hollywood’s most Hated Website” it definitely deserves a visit at least once a day for the latest dirt… I mean news in the celebrity world.

7th. The Bastardly: celebrity news, voting polls and the remarkable bastardly minutes, introducing regularly and in a way never before new and not so new and upcoming celebs.

8th. all jolie: think you have seen enough of Angelina? think again. this takes concept of single minded purpose to an entirely new level. think “zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” except just replace motorcycle with angelina. intoxicating, enchanting, simply irresistible. sorry jennifer.

9th. CelebNewsWire: tap into the wire and listen to the celebrity gossips. If you thought you knew everything there is to know, you might end up surprised after visiting this site.

10th. Fashion News: ever wonder what’s the newest trend and which stores have the hottest sales?

Honorable Mention
1. Fametastic
2. DailySlacker
3. Popbytes
4. The Superficial
5. CityRag

Smarten’ up

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Our Editor’s Top Ten BRAINY Picks
1st. a Don’s Life
Don’t look for Donald Trump here, nor some stuffy Prof with a preachy pedantic attitude. Nope. Here you get posts with headers like ‘Pissing on the Pyramids’…”If you venture deep inside the pyramids you find that the inner chamber smells very strongly of piss. It’s a predictable act of desecration, I guess. But it does tend to encourage a speedy visitor turn-around…In general, though, the pyramids sprang lots of surprises. And they offered the possibility of pleasures (or transgressions) that would be decidedly off limits back home.” Catch a glimpse of one of the sharpest minds in or outside academia. Impeccable prose, irreverent wit, unpretentious breath of fresh air.

2nd. All in A Day’s Work: posts on the diversified interests of its oft misconstrued too young to be jaded author ranging from chess to tech vocab to blind dates and investing. Maybe it’s the well worn cliched title or the let it all hang out disarmingly casual style whatever, let it grow on you.

3rd. Classically speaking – I will always remember a funny scene from the movie Ghost World: a guy goes in a video store and tries to find the movie 81/2. The only movie the desk person finds is 91/2 weeks and with a broad smile announces the “good” news to the frustrated customer. So, in short, if 81/2 doesnt mean anything to you and you think the best movie you saw is The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift (????), you need to go to this site. …RIGHT NOW.

4th. gizmodo
Great gadget site, from the weird to the useful.

5th. Parade Worth going just for the ubiquitous ‘Ask Marilyn’ column moderated by the Gal with world’s higest IQ, but in fact this online version of Parade magazine is possibly as good if not better than the print edition that has been in circulation since..1941. Definitely underrated and deserving of accolades from its few loyal fans.

6th. Inside Orkut – with all the boom of user generated content sites, this site focusses on news around Orkut and Google.

7th. Lombardi blog A blog ostensibly about design thinking, but brings much of author’s unique perspectives about creating better ways of working that result in better ways of living. Victor has mentored executives and teams on systems design and operating strategy at Ford, General Electric, J.P. Morgan, Verizon. He has taught at Parsons, grabbed degrees in Journalism and Music from Rutgers and NYU along the way, delivered newspapers, built houses, worked as consultant at Razorfish and teaches business at Pratt. Take our word for it, its worth the second look.

8th. Fast Company: Any magazine started in 1995 and is able to make $350 Million dollars in FIVE years (by selling out to media giant Bertelsmann in 2000) gets our attention. But unlike other dot com cashouts, FastCompany has kept much of the razor sharp edge and attention to detail and information about who’s who doing what in the biz world. A must for all who use computers and want to know what’s next.

9th.Huffington Post: Anyone who has ever seen Arianna on a political panel discussion or debate will forever remember her strong greek accent and even stronger overwhelming opinionated intellectual tour de force, seemingly ever present no matter what occasion. Once a staunch Republican, she famously changed political affiliations and backed the Democrats, explaining her sudden conversion in a 2004 appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart by saying that “When your house is burning down, you don’t worry about the remodeling.” In recent years, she seems to have mellowed somewhat but the muted voice still resounds through her words, this time bolstered by a more than capable editorial team. You may not always agree, but lack of clarity is never the issue with Arianna. This is one chick you will not find sitting on any fence.

10th. fuckedcompany: and last but not least, a rentless desolate graveyard of littered dot com residue, freckled with rumours innuendos and latest casualties and of course the infamouse FC personal column. Here’s a sample ad from female looking for…”I don’t even want to ‘like’ anyone. I really just want to chill with a dude.” hmm.

Honorable Mention
1. Digg
2. SlashDot
3. The Daily Dirt Chess Blog
4. Geography Matters
5. Cardboard Box Living

Mensa meets Playboy at… Harvard??

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See below for (less than) full impact pic cover.

shines just a little bit more brightly on your sons and daughters than on the rest of us. But where are your matriculates to read about their favorite subject, themselves, apart from two alumni magazines, the Vows section of The New York Times, and, well, every other majorAh, fair Harvard: It always seems that the sun publication? Step forward David Bradley, the bankroll behind 02138, a mag that’s been described as “Vanity Fair for Harvard” for at least the last seven months. Bradley, whose recent innovations at The Atlantic involve jacking up the page count by publishing the letters of everyone who writes to the magazine, including convicts, derelicts, and people who fill out the subscription cards, has put his faith in 27-year-old Bom Kim, a (wait for it) Harvard grad with a vision: “the people, and their lives after Harvard.” The vision includes charts, blogs, and, of course, lists (“100 Most Influential Harvard Alumni” starts things off). Caroline Miller, whose tenure at New York grows a bit more halcyon in our memories each time we read anything by Emily Nussbaum or Hugo Lindgren, has been brought in to consult, and Atlantic associate publisher Meredith Kopit has signed on as publisher. This entire Observer profile of the magazine deserves to be read (there’s some beautiful internecine bitching about couches and coffee from disgruntled Atlantic staffers), but be forewarned, the requisite quote from Kurt Andersen included within is so jaw-droppingly, ass-smoochingly, self-regardingly twatty that even those of you who haven’t read Turn of the Century will lose all respect for him.Harvard Prodigy Spends Bradley’s $4 Million; Alumni Await Magazine [NYO]With 02138, he’ll have elite coverage [BG]

No Fucking Shit: ‘My Friend Leonard’ Fabricated

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It must be an incredibly slow day around the Associated Press: they’re reporting that James Frey’s second book, My Friend Leonard, is sprinkled with bullshit. Considering that the plot of Leonard picks up where Frey’s first book, the heavily fabricated A Million Little Pieces, left off, this should surprise approximately no one.
In an author’s note included in the newly released paperback editions of Leonard, Frey writes:
To call this book pure nonfiction would be inaccurate. It is a combination of fact and fiction, real and imagined events.
Move along people, nothing to see here.
Actually, when you think about it, the idea of Frey coming clean in an author’s note is kind of adorable. It implies some sort of childlike adventure into an imaginary world, a happy place with butterflies and rainbows and where nobody watches Oprah.
James Frey Acknowledges Fabrications [AP]

hmm… so this is why they study Game Theory…

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Gamblers, it’s said, will bet on anything, such as which raindrop will slide down widow glass first.You never hear someone say whether or not team X will beat team Y, it’s always, “I think they’ll cover the spread.”Now, some enterprising Internet sports books have come up with a new twist on the sport of girl watching.These guys are taking bets on which female celebrity will be the next to have a “wardrobe malfunction,” as happened to Janet Jackson. They however are posting odds and taking bets on who will have the next, as they are calling it, nipple slip.I, as I’m sure others do, often wonder just how “accidental” these events are.Many years ago when I read “Playboy,” they had an amusing and informative Q&A section, to which a neophyte asked the question:”If I’m with a woman, and her clothing is revealing, should I, or should I not, look at what is showing?”The response was: “Take a look, because a woman always knows, and has control over what is showing.”

mcgill’s very own

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The McGill Sex Magazine

coming soon…

The MissMatters 1-Minute Review #05 …

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*warning movie spoilers do not say did not warn you*
MissMatters believes that for the last half of a decade things have been going well for sequels in general- LOR an obvious front runner the new Batman, Terminator, Toy Story, Austin Powers, Scary Movie, Zatoichi (huh?), Harry Potter but alas, inevitably as must the gravy train comes to screeching halt right here at XMen compound. Ok so take a deep breath, breathing out is optional till the end. here we go…

A new medicine that normalizes Mutants has been invented Jean is found alive and goes nuts becoming Phoenix we find out the Doc is a brainwasher(ha!) so we understand we really do when Jean/Phoenix blinks and turns him into Tinker dust she also kills her own hot hubbie which sucks but we all know who is happy c’mon people after raising more dust dust dust and admittedly uber cool violence we get to the Ultimata Let-Down ENDING hmm not too soon in retrospect as it turns out Magneto is injected with 4 wow doses of the normalifying(yes ms.matters invents words where needed) ‘cure’ and Rogue because she can’t touch Iceman actually TAKES THE MEDS WILLINGLY miss matters trying very hard to understand here and the worst part is they kill off Jean/Phoenix “I love you “ actually says Wolverine before slicing dicing her abdomen yes good thing wolfiehughjackman is hot hot hot because dialogue is warm warm warm tepid If the idiot(ok calm down) really loved her he could have saved one of the 4 doses he shot into Magneto and given it to Jean/Phoenix because miss matters was close to being OUTRAGED at rampant lack of imagination along with Rogues lack of character she was the best of the bunch truly and we have just removed her from the story line bahumbug! of course there is one amazing salvaging scene 4 seconds before the end its worth the 10 bones to see it for just that sooo.. even if you read this little synopsis you must still go see it ok breathe out…

graciously yours,

Miss Matters

rating: **/5

Team Member # 7….. Hugh..Brodie

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Hugh and close friend Barbara Schöneberger in close face a face…

My position is pretty clear cut – unlike the rest of the others …

A typical brainwash day for me begins with someone’s cry for help: Hugh! What’s a 7 letter word for Scoundrel?”

Scumbag.” NY Times Crosswords aren’t very hard once you get the knack for them. Doubly nice is being able to modestly elaborate with a short history – fyi: since the 1930s scumbag has been a synonym for condom.

Of course there’s a lot more too it. Chess ratings, xtreme arm-wrestling, brownie eating (especially the batter), Sudoku!, fixing clocks, giving decor advice, action movies, the occasional poker match, maybe even some backgammon, Music Lists (my specialty being Xmas Cds of course), ref (chess games can get rowdy), weight lifting, entertaining t-shirt slogans (am especially proud of my city collection! I have one from just about everywhere!), and well giving the loony bin a little bit of sanity with advice & wisdom.

So don’t be shy to come to me whenever there is something ‘different’ that needs some ‘explaining’. Would be more than happy to comply. See you all at brainwash!

team member #6

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marisa: sallying like a quixotic knight! a mannequin vision with a plastic face and false eyelashes! in search of a philanthropist! possesses no skills! a terrible speaker, a great sleeper, a hater of romance novels and corporeality! still can’t drive at twenty! walt whitman, walt whitman, walt whitman! runs funny! self-absorbed, usually polite, a perpetual danse macabre! doesn’t wear a wig! spends her money on whisky and whores! walks so fast–whoosh! loves battleships and cemeteries and earnest types! thinks she’s complex! believes in librarians! finds new heroes every day! was most likely a descendent of serfs! too ridiculous to be respected! talks in her sleep, reveals great secrets! despite faults is still considered swell enough by some! rah rah rah! marisa!

K.A.C. (kick ass chicks) Profile #02…

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OK so we admit it. We Brainwash gals (AND guys thanks Yasser!) have a strong built in bias for Power Chicks with Beauty & Brains who can KICK ASS (yet again. see previous post below) with best of the best, as seen here… The President of the Estonian Chess Federation and part-time super model Carmen Kass takes on the world’s number two Grandmaster Vishy Anand with, as far as we can see(!), the unorthodox Sicilian with 1.e4 c5 2.Bc4 e6 3.Qe2 Nc6. This is of course all theory, and in the picture above Carmen is about to play the common continuation 4.Nf3. (of course we know all this silly…)

Carmen is in full concentration mode in her game against Anand, who, we are told, was so confused by his spectacular opponent that he offered her a draw instead of delivering a forced mate. Carmen is also, as her official write-ups put it, a kick-ass chess player who prefers a nice chess game with friends to the finest night clubs in New York City. hmm.. well we don’t know about that last bit but possibly those ‘friends’ included Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom… In any case, all that to say Carmen is at this time one of the fourteen inaugural members of the very exclusive KAC Society. (If you do not know what that stands for the answer is NO)

Grandmaster Ass… vs. … chess Geek??

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The girl on the left is Alexandra Kosteniuk. She is currently considered the greatest female chess player on the planet. Last time I looked her FIDE rating was well over 2500, and she is a Grandmaster in both female and male lists (however that stuff works). If you were to compare the way she looks with some of her chess playing colleagues (see below) you would understand why Alexandra is the ultimate chess darling of geekdom, and if you played chess against her she’d KICK Your Ass. Her talent has given her the opportunity to travel the world, and in certain circles she’s become quite the celebrity. The girl on the right is just ass and her talent has given her cars, houses, plane tickets, movie roles, jewelry etc. Happy Friday!

Our Little baby

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Our little baby from the outside on a beautiful sunny day.

This is for ya’ll that wanna come on by for a visit – to facilitate the trip 🙂
pic taken june 4th nessie

reason #27 to support brainwash cafe…

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Ingredients: Enriched flour, dextrose, vegetable oil shortening (partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil), water, sugar, soy flour, dried egg yolks, wheat gluten, yeast, skim milk, calcium sulphate, ammonium sulphate, calcium peroxide, mono- and dicalcium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, whey, starch, ascorbic acid, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, salt, mono- and diglycerides, lecithin, calcium propionate, cellulose gum, natural and artificial flavours, amylase, maltogenic amylase, pentosanase, protease, sodium caseinate, corn maltodextrin, corn syrup solids, BHT.
Glaze: Sugar, water, corn starch, calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, agar, dextrose, locust bean gum, disodium phosphate, sorbitan monostearate, mono- and diglycerides, artificial flavour, salt.
brainwash browniesIngredients: organic flour, unsweetened chocolate, pure cane sugar,virgin olive oil, butter, omega3 eggs, pure vanilla, cinnamon, salt.

Team Member #2

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Name – Yasser
Height – in the range of 6 2 or 6 3
Sign – Scorpio (no offense taken from member 3’s post)
Famous for- Bearing uncanny resemblence to a certain piano virtuoso
Fav Books – The unbearable lightness of being (or heaviness thereof)
Fav Movies – Enemy at the gates, Sunsine, Solaris, Lord of War, Casino
Fav Music – Losing my religion by REM

How do the Japanese manage to stay so thin?

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moco Loco Praline Noir or How Not To Stay Alert For That Exam

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Design student Fredrik Kjellgren’s redesign of the easy chair recliner.“The clash between the things I like and the things I dislike is the leading theme of my master degree project. The reclining easy chair is a piece of furniture that has become synonymous in the world with poor taste. I found the reclining easy chair a piece of furniture that I despised to look at but found very comfortable to sit in. It turned out that I liked it more than I thought…”. Praline Noir is made with 28 pillows, each with a different fabric. Thanks Fredrik!

baby metaphor? what baby metaphor?

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Sigh. It’s been a while since we talked, I guess. I just haven’t felt like writing much lately. ( Kevin is reading this over my shoulder and he just went, “or showering.” I hate him. ARE YOU READING THIS STILL, KEVIN? I SAID I HATE YOU. I REALLY MEAN IT.

Okay. He went into the other room. I bet you ten dollars to do drugs, even though I told him that was NOT ALLOWED ANYMORE. I didn’t even know he could read. Or make jokes. Although I don’t think that one was funny AND the reason I don’t get to shower very often is because every time I leave the room my baby falls on his head and then the police come and HOW DID I GET IN SUCH A MESS?)

So I don’t have very much time to talk to you because Jamie Lynn is only watching Sean Preston until she has to leave for some party at Cameron Diaz‘s house. She promised me she would slip Justin the security code to the main house here in Malibu just in case he wants to come over and see me or kill Kevin in a jealous rage even though I do not advocate murder but I think she is just humoring me because she also didn’t say anything mean when I left the house with my thong and my bra hanging out the back of my top and if that wasn’t a cry for help like Dr. Phil talks about I don’t know what is.

Anyway. I’m having another baby. Even though I keep screwing up with this one and no one will help me figure out what I am supposed to be doing. I am NOT EVEN 24 YEARS OLD, Y’ALL. I need some HELP. I need some ADVICE. All everyone is doing is making fun of me for not knowing how to install a car seat, like have you ever tried to read the instructions for one of those things? I think they write them in some foreign language and then translate them back to American. And I am pretty sure that everyone drops a baby now and then — SERIOUSLY — because babies are squirmy and you know what? I wasn’t even the one who DROPPED him, that was SOMEONE ELSE. And I fired her and I don’t know what else I am supposed to be doing and no one will help me with any of it and now I’m having another one and I am sure I will love it but I ONLY HAVE TWO ARMS.

And just between you and me, I was totally going to divorce him and then I found out I was all knocked up again, like HOW MAGIC IS HIS SPERMY STUFF? It’s like RADIOACTIVATED or something.

But you should know that I am thinking about…things.

Because there are people who have babies with no husband, right? Like Meg Ryan has that cute Chinese baby now. And Angelina Jolie! She had TWO babies with no husband. And so does Sharon Stone and I am pretty sure that I am way smarter than Sharon Stone. So I am not saying that I am going to DO ANYTHING like that, AT ALL, but I am saying that I am aware that OTHER PEOPLE do things like that ALL THE TIME. If you KNOW what I MEAN.

Do you know what I mean? I mean I am going to be saying POPOZAO to that freeloader before you know it and BOY IS HE GOING TO BE SORRY.

Team member #4

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Am I allowed to keep this short and simple:

I am small, brunette and the ‘other’ Italian. I love to skate & have been doing so since . I love to watch Desperate Housewives. My purpose in life is to make alot of money and spend it all.

Voila my life’s manifesto.

Birthday:Febuary 20th
Fav Movie: Cutting Edge
Fav Music: Madonna
Fav Food: Chocolate, Chocolate and Chocolate.

Team member #5

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i spend my time as a full-time student. i plan to stay that way for as long as possible.

i love: coffee, food, music and books. the café suits me just fine.

i don’t love: meat, dirt and intolerance.

if i could… i would make the world a better place. give lots of money to stephen lewis. travel extensively and make mix tapes for a living. watch lots of documentaries and discover a hidden talent for something.

when I grow up… i think that this may be a myth… refer to above.

Birth of Brainwash Cafe or How THE Baby Was Born

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It can be so trying going out with friends and we are not talking just about a night on the town – it might as well be meeting up for coffee. We end up taking hours just to decide on which place to go never mind with whom and how…something always gets in the way. Politics – “That place is owned by illiterate mysogynists (ok pigs) can’t go there”, Hygiene – “Those guys don’t wash..umm you know”, – or even ethics – “Me eat meat?! Don’t you know I ‘m vegetarian these past 10 years!”

So naturally when the chance to own a Cafe near our very own Mcgill University landed on our laps it took only about a YEAR AND A HALF of debating, getting our feet wet on the concept, arguing over issues, logistics, strategies, and the worst of all plants (don’t ask) before we took the plunge and said YES.
There must be a reason why women are the incubating environment for mankind and it certainly ain’t cause we are weak and indecisive. And voila! just like that Brainwash Cafe was born.

I wanted plants, she wanted books – so there’s a bit of both. I wanted dry cleaning, she wanted laundry – we decided synergy wasn’t so far-fetched. She almost had a heart attack when I said the words ‘regular coffee’. My reply was that not everyone is Italian. So the espresso machine (to this day we are still fighting over the color: pink or red) is bright and shiny right next to the coffee maker. I wanted food (I always want food) and she wanted to not wash dishes. So we get Food on wax paper (believe me tastes better than it sounds).
So this hybrid baby is Brainwash cafe. Our little Baby. Naturally we argued over the name but we flipped a coin and well… I hate to gloat but…

Of course there was the political issues to take care of. My strong Acadian background brought enough Canadiana to the table and although born in Quebec, she is still Italian enough to always stick me with extra working hours in fall so she can help out with the sausage and the wine making. (really shouldn’t complain since I get an amazing amount of liquor for free in the end)
So throw in a Bulgarian chess fanatic, two more bibliophiles (yes god help me) Cathy who is so grounded and Marisa whose patience threshold can handle any ‘different’ (i.e. difficult) customer that comes through the door.
But you will just have to come and see for yourself…
or just keep on reading of course.

Colette Commands You to Dance

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People don’t really dance in Paris. They don’t really do irony, either. Style emporium Colette is surging ahead of the crowd by hosting monthly dance classes at club-of-the-moment Le Paris Paris. I managed to snag a spot for Monday’s class, “Britney is Back,” throwing my dignity out the window with 22 nervously giggling (though highly coiffed) girls and two tall guys in Spandex getups. Our instructor shouted in French, I was stuck in the back row, and a crowd of hot people had formed to gawk from the bar. Results? Colette is on the right track. I almost learned to move like Britney Spears, and everyone’s blasé faces melted for an hour (including those at the bar). Plus, we had a fabulous dance party immediately afterwards featuring Japanese breakdancers Meisai! Next month (July 3) features Madonna, and I will so be there. More photos after the jump, or check here on Flickr.

The Las Vegas Hilton’s $4 Water Bottle…hmmm

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Hotels, Las Vegas, las vegas hilton,
The Las Vegas Hilton’s $4 Water Bottle
Bottled water doesn’t come cheap at the Barry Manilow-loving Las Vegas Hilton. Like so many things inside a hotel, expect to pay an exorbitant fee for it. HotelChatter reports that the Las Vegas Hilton is charging guests $4 for every one of the small (12 oz.) bottles of spring water provided complimentary with rooms. The sign to the right is wrapped around each bottle of water and reads: “The Las Vegas Hilton prides itself on providing for your every need. Bottled water is one of the many services we offer our valued guests. Please note that $4.00 will be charged to your room for each bottle consumed.” Sure, it might seem pricey, but remember — it is a desert, after all.
The $4 Bottled Water “Service” Las Vegas Hilton

Team member #3

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Nessie a.k.a. Da WOP’s Profile

Height: not too tall; not too small ~ translation 5f9” (as you can see clearly from above photo…

Weight: 1 of 3 questions you should never ask a lady (the other 2 are – where did you get that dress & how old are you)

Age: I defer to my weight… (hint: take George Orwell’s popular classic and shave off a couple & you get ME!)

Sign: Libra ~ though its the 22nd which means its the last day. But there is no way I am a Scorpian. (No offence to anyone just my ma is one so its like an issue you see)

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown, though every morning I wake up and wish other wise.

Favorite Outfit: pink maryjanes that always make me happy, black t-shirt, gap jeans ‘classic fit’ and a blazer. No woman should go without a good jacket!

If I could marry anyone who would it be…: hmm Prince William in hopes of becoming Queen (since I would make a bloody great one) and eventually settle for the beautiful Johnny Depp (who is married to another French Woman with the same name! Destiny? A sign…)

Fav book: Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jorben. All my children will bare a name from these characters. I am under the firm belief that his series will replace the Bible not only because its more coherant but because it makes more sense and is just as juicy! Close (too close) second is Alexandre Dumas’ Count of Monte Crisco.

Fav Movie: Dangerous Beauty! No two, ifs, buts about it. Though I really love Dogma.

Fav music: Abba, musicals like Wiked, Miserable, Rent, Miss Saigon, etc., Shania Twain (its the Canadian in me), Celine Dion (I know no one wants to live with me) and Elvis- not to mention the Beatles (duh!)

What I do every morning when I get up: walk to the washroom and start preparing to put on my contacts then realize that I paid over 2000$ CND so that wouldn’t have to do this anymore!

My favorite thing to do at brainwash cafe: talk to customers. count the cash (with handsanitizer close by of course)

…the worst: finding something thats been displaced. I become handicap – truly!

life aspiration: to raise kids in a bookstore with no customers so that I can read to them all day.

other hobbies and interests: writing (journal, fiction, & am now working on a biography), talking, drinking espresso (what is this thing called regular coffee), shoe shopping (just because it doesn’t requirer a changing room), anything Japanese (which is sad because my uncle made a comment the other day and I blew the roof!), dancing-
ya know the usual!

Chess Pimp Links

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The Chess Pimp conquers the world! Mark his words and mark the day because he is making the biggest chess link portal in the world. He is also giving you his only one of a kind, priceless opinion on the sites given.

You will probably never be a grandmaster but you can always sound like one.

US Chess Federation:

The Chess House: – articles on world events are good.

Chess Underground: – right track, still much to be desired though.

BlueEyedRook: – I like it.

Boylston Chess Club: – site dedicated but NOT limited to news around the chess club.

Confessions of a Chess Novice: – quite a popular location actually. Totally overrated!

Chess Doctor: – if you have a cold, you might go see a doctor. If you suck at chess, you are NOT going to go see this doctor (voluntarily at least). I don’t understand why the concept of pictures, diagrams anything besides dry text (that is not even that good) is so incomprehensible to some people (even if they are doctors).

Chess Fanatic: – I like it.

En Passant: – good beginning, but last update was close to a year ago. I will leave it in the best category for a while and if the author doesn’t update soon it is going in the recycle bin.

Chess News and Events: – updated regularly with news worldwide

Chess Mind: – design sucks but at least you are getting information from Mr. Playchess Monday Lecture D. Monokroussos.

Chess Strategies: – next…

Chesstalk: – I like the idea with the video lectures a lot. Long way to go though – in terms of frequency of updates and quality and quantity of games. Has to tone down the number of ads a bit too.

Chess The Game: – BAD!

Computer Chess Programming: – maybe if we were in 2005 or didn’t mind a site that is updated once every year…

Chessville: – I had my doubts before I went there and they completely disappeared.

The Closet Grandmaster: – only because of the name, otherwise it is a no-no.

Chess Game in Colour:– okay, I am not into this artsy stuff but I guess I am in a good mood today and will put this site up with the best blogs. Warning: No relevant chess content (to a chess player at least).

The Campbell Report: – excellent and multi-facetted.

C’s Chess: – good. Should change the graphics though.

Fooblog: – I need to see more content before I leave if for sure in the best category.

Aspiring Grandmaster: -overall good, but a lot more to be desired.

Windward Chess Club Forum: – good for a start. Add games and puzzles and you have an excellent site.

Chess: – Major Thumbs Up!

Bobby Fischer: – bad organization. However, if you want to follow Fischer in his darker years in the media, this is the place to go.

Hugh Brodie – Montreal Chess News: – the homepage of a Canadian chess legend.

India Chess: – for Indian chess news.

Achim’s Chess Page: – okay, the site is mediocre, but I liked some of the games.

Jim Eade’s Chess Journal: – keeps you posted on chess news.

Just Chess: – Could add more diagrams but the analysis is pretty good.

King of the Spill: – excellent site!

King’s Gambit: – I like the problems.

Alexandra Kosteniuk: – before you go there you must do me a favor. Go to the main page of this blog and search Kosteniuk. After you have read the article you can go to this webpage. *For those who know who she is already you can go directly to her webpage.

Matgala: – like the problems. Site is in Catalan, but you don’t need to understand the language beyond who is first to play in order to solve the puzzles.

J’adoube….the off-center knight: – definitely worth a visit.

The Great Pawn Hunter: – some good stories; must improve design of website though.

Chaturanga: – good site. You need French though….

Chess and Everything Else: – first there is nothing else besides chess. Second, we have loading problems and too many ads. Good clip on the front page though…

Druss Blog: – interesting observations.

Chess:– good. Games, news, and if you scroll to the bottom, you will find quick outline of Keres’s (my personal favorite, okay, so the review is a bit based, whatever) chess achievements. More details will be better though and some games are posted without commentary.

One Good Move: – it is a political blog, not a chess blog. – overall good. Needs a catchier title.

The Patzer’s Tale: – too bad he already stole the name with this sloppy website.

Pawn in the Game: – some loading problems, but otherwise good.

Phorku’s Chess Blog: – needs a broader perspective.

Il Matto del Postino: – a problem every day. Nice design.

The Correspondence Chess Message Board: – if you are a fan of correspondence chess this is the place to go.

Qxh7: – Have you ever mated with Qxh7#?

Renaissance Knights Town Crier: – needs a broader perspective, but for now is in.

Robert Pearson’s Chess Blog: – thumbs up!

Tactics, Tactics, Tactics: – More could be desired.

Online Chess Blog: – too little content/too many ads.

shabanovsky vs bloggers: – a blog by a grandmaster. Major thumbs up – offers chess news and the unique chance to join in a game against the GM.

Chess Nonsense: – good, but needs more games and puzzles.

Lecons d’echecs: – good site of a Quebec chess player.

Sjakkforum: – chess blog in Norwegian.

Slugfest: – No draw!

Dark Thought: – okay, this page is not exactly the most exciting, but is a good place to go to if you want to know more about chess programs, and particularly the program “Dark Thought” designed by two MIT researchers.

Susan Polgar Chess Blog: – updated at least twice a day with news

30 Days Tactics Blitz: – not yet.

Takchess Chess Improvement: – hmm… and they say that the king’s gambit is dead.

Test Your Chess: – pathetic test…

The Buzzbeez: – excellent chess cartoons.

Hot Rock Teamchess Teams: – entertaining!

World of Chess: – good, but needs more regular updates.

Chess Tournament and Match History: – the design puts you to sleep but the content more than compensates for that.

50 Chess Games for Beginners: – if you are a beginner but you don’t want to stay that way, this IS one of the places to go

64: – I prefer to read it in Russian but since you probably don’t know Russian, there is an English version. But you must pick up on some Russian – like my ex-coach once said – it is a Russian game and you MUST know at least a little bit of Russian (remember Fischer and the way he was messing with the Soviet heads in the 1960s using Russian words and changing annotations?)

Chess Engines: – I am not into chess engines, but if you are, you must go there.

Academic Chess: – centered on scholastic training.

Bolivian Chess Federation:

Ajedrez Escolar: – you should visit it even only for pictures of the world champion Topalov

Conrad Chess: – good problems…

Apprendre echecs: – too many comic characters….

Armenian Chess Federation:

All the King’s Men: – For a chess set gift, you should visit this site.

British Chess Federation:

Begrade Chess Federation:

Bobby Fischer: – good selection on Bobby Fischer news; the goo picture (a photo of Fischer you can play with) is fun.

Caissa Cafe: – I don’t understand. I found this link on so many webpages. Doesn’t anybody care to check the validity of these links and whether the sites they lead to are genuine? Because I have to tell you, there is 0 chess content there.

Brazilian Chess Federation:

Improve Your Chess or Die Trying: – I will definitely choose the latter if I am forced to go to this page.

Chess Archeology: – a bit outdated articles but overall good.

ChessArea: – for chess lessons with professionals. I couldn’t check the quality of teaching though.

Austrian Chess Federation:

Chess Baron: – need chess set?

Chessbase: – MUST go there now! GO!

Bulgarian Chess Federation:

Chess Federation Canada:

Chess Café: – the online chess café – what more do we want?

Chess Canada: – right…………

The London Chess Centre: – for books & reviews I would go there.

Kingpin: – I would put it here because of good articles and the fact that it is free. Some broken links though – sloppy, sloppy.

The Week in Chess: – only if they also made a site like this one but the day in chess; excellent and must visit.

Chess City: – overall good, but still much to be desired in terms of amount of articles.

Internet Chess Club: – my favorite place to play.

Chess.FM: – the page is hosted under ICC, but I think it deserves attention as a separate entry, just because of the concept of a chess radio. Schedule included on the site together with a short list of lectures.

Chess Watch: – for chess news worldwide.

The Chess Corner: – I like this site for its good organization. Also, if you want biographies of world champions or you are looking for a cool chess quote, this is the place to go.

Czech Chess Federation:

ChessGuru: – nice content. Ugly diagrams are a problem….

Chess Notes: – entertaining articles.

Chinese Chess Federation:

Hungarian Chess Federation:

Chess India: – it was supposed to be India’s chess federation. Well it is anything but that. Did I mention no chess articles whatsoever but only ads?

ChessKIDS Academy: – personally not my favorite but I would still give it a go (after of course you visit all the rest excellent sites). Registration might be required for some features.

Chesslab: – One stop all.

Chess Mail: – maybe if he updated it every two months…

Chessmaster: – it is the homepage of the famous program; well I don’t know about you but I started playing chess with it.

The Daily Dirt Chess Blog: – something is WRONG with you if you have not visited this site…YET.

Chessopolis: – I don’t understand why this site even exists.

Israeli Chess Federation:

Chessplayer: – thumbs up for the puzzle section!

Chess Reviews: – too little quality content.

Scottish Chess Federation:

ChessVariants: – I am impressed by the depth and spread.

World Chess Network: – crappy interface for play but otherwise an excellent chess website and playing arena!

SmartChess: – the PLACE for cheap chess books online

Club Kasparov: – although in Russian and having the fancy (supposedly) association with Kasparov himself, this site is more interested in advertising places for rent than bringing in chess news.

Chess Rules: – all beginners should start here.

Croatian Chess Federation:

Danish Chess Federation:

French Chess Federation:

Ecuador Chess Federation:

Steve Learns Chess: – the chess site of an improving chess player. It’s worth a visit.

Chess Diagrams: – a wide selection of free/shareware programs for viewing chess games on webpages and adding notation/diagrams.

Venezuela Chess Federation:

Chess: – I was very much displeased with Schiller’s books; same goes for the site.

European Union Chess:

Exeter Chess Club: – HUGE quote selection. The other parts of the website are a SO-SO.

Argentinean Chess Federation:

Spanish Chess Federation:

Italian Chess Federation:

Chilean Chess Federation:

Mexican Chess Federation:

Portuguese Chess Federation:

Cuban Chess Federation:

Gambit Chess: – not bad at all.

Alekhine Game of the Week: – nice selection of games.

For Chess Lovers: – for chess lovers by chess lovers.

Chess Strategy: – only if you haven’t read the book Chess Strategy by Lasker because this site offers free downloadable copy. Otherwise, the site is a joke.

WIM Sanja Petronic: – BIG loading problems…

Bill Wall’s Chess Page: – the BEST! The author writes and compiles information on a huge amount of topics that range from Alekhine and the Nazis to Unusual Opening miniatures.

Welsh Chess Federation:

IM Ben Finegold: – who wants to look at three page long tournament tables?

Grandmaster Chess: – Well, the title pretty much sums it up.

GM Square: – encompassing

Goddesschess: – who is Caissa?

Greek Chess Federation:

Iranian Chess Federation:

Irish Chess: – same as Indian ‘chess’ site.

The Maza Path to Chess Mastery: – No. Not yet at least.

Japanese Chess Federation:

Jeremy Silman: – you can find anything in here – from chess book reviews, to instructional articles and interviews.

Just Chess: – it is a good beginning….

The Kenilworthian: – when you go to NY, this is your chess tour guide

Shakmaty Bereolos: – he is the next Kasparov, only 600 points below him in rating.

The Center Counter: – if you are ever tempted to play in response to e4 d5, this might be a good place to start with your preparation.

Ludoteka. Chess: – this site has character. Thumbs up!

Adam’s Chess Blog: – mainly for computer chess.

Marshal Chess Club: – since I was a kid I wanted to go there pimping chess…

Math and Chess: – good idea. The site needs a re-do though.

Grundlagen des Schachspiels: – too little content

North American Chess Association: – an incredible collection of puzzles.

New Zealand Chess Federation:

University of Pittsburgh Chess Club: – good selection of links, but come to think of it this is the reason why you came to the Chess Pimp site.

Chess Links: – Maybe they should have called it the all about nothing page.

PocketGrandmaster: – ever felt the need to have this extra analytical edge when playing in tournaments (and no, I am not referring to going to the washroom every 5 min. and consulting your pocket grandmaster for the best move in a game – this is outright cheating and the chess pimp in no way condones it).

Chess is Fun: – Chess IS fun there.

Polish Chess Federation:

Russian Chess:– excellent site for tournament schedules and results.
The Origin of Chess: – I didn’t have the patience to read it. Might be good though (if you are a retard of course and have 5 hours to lose)

Scacchierando: – chess news in Italian.

Dutch Chess Federation:

German Chess Federation:

Swiss Chess Federation:

My Obsession with Chess: – definitely worth a look.

En Passant Schachblog: – I like it. The only drawback is that it is only in German.

Singapore Chess Federation:

Chess Grandmasters of the World: – not on the list YET?

El Salvador Chess Federation:

Patzer’s Progress: – nice design, more content desired, but good overall.

Turkish Chess Federation:

UAE Chess Federation:

Unique Chess: – too fancy…

GM Victor Gavrikov: – don’t go there!

Open Chess Diary: – detailed.